Spotlight: William Brooks


This is Mr. Brooks, Durango High School World History and Government teacher, on a boat.

William Brooks is a new teacher at DHS this year. He teaches World History and Government. So far into the year he really likes the staff and the students he gets to talk to and hangout with everyday. 

Brooks moved from Ignacio last year and now is a part of the DHS Staff. He said he really likes being a part of the history department. 

Brooks says his favorite part of working with the kids is, “a lot of the stuff that you guys are getting ideas about are brand new. You guys are coming up with them for the first time and to see you guys develop certain things especially regarding history and government is just great.” Brooks also loves that he is able to tell a story that started from the beginning of recorded history. 

Before Ignacio, Brooks worked at a middle school where he learned a technique to make kids stop talking and listening to him. Brooks uses a loud whistle, which works pretty well. Brooks came up with this idea after trying to break up a fight while working at the middle school. He used the whistle to stop the fight. 

Brooks really enjoys teaching high school because the behavior of middle school students is bad and in elementary he can’t really see them because he is so tall. Brooks enjoys watching movies and playing video games. His favorite movie is Inidana Jones. Brooks has one daughter and if he were to have more kids, he would adopt to help a kid in the world. He is also not a barbecue dad. 

Mr. Brooks has had 30 different jobs throughout his life, and says he always wanted a job to earn money. Brooks said for 15 years he wanted to be a teacher and then he became one. Brooks says his inspiration to be a teacher is his wife. Brooks says his wife did one year of medical school and then decided to be a veterinarian and, “Just kind of jumped into nothingness.” Brooks has had so many jobs so he would have enough to become a teacher and live off the teacher salary.