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The Prom Predicament: Why It’s Okay to Miss the Ball

The Prom Predicament: Why Its Okay to Miss the Ball

In a world where prom is hailed as the pinnacle of high school glory, one might wonder: Is all the hype valid? For me, the itchy corsages, the overly affectionate slow dances, spiked punch, and tuxedo mishaps actually aren’t worth it. I’d rather be laughing around a campfire, cuddled in our lounge pants, under the canopy of stars, surrounded by the mountains, cacophonous hoots, and the rushing wind. A night to remember, in which we’re able to remember.

The number of times that I’ve been told that I’ll regret not going, that these will be the memories we look so fondly upon. To that, I am willing to call bull! We have so much life left to live! To be surrounded by worldly temptations, in an uncomfortable and exorbitant dress, dancing with a variety of people whom I won’t talk to six months from now, it doesn’t sound fulfilling. I refuse to believe it’s the peak of fulfillment in our lives. The majority of people go and they will not be sober, whether they’re stoned, drunk, or have just done a bump in the school’s parking lot we may not know for sure, but I assure you it happens. As an ex-partier and lowkey alcoholic, it’s not worth putting myself in a situation where I could slip up and fall into a trap. To be told the memories are incomparable to then hear that most don’t even remember the night signifies the irony that is a school dance. 

If the memories make it past a night’s rest and the subsequent senior ditch day, they may be rewarding but they could also be costly, everyone you talk to sober or not will say the dance was lame, but the after parties were worth it. To be a high school student who doesn’t party is hard. It’s uncomfortable to be different, but worth it nonetheless. The costs that come from the precursing drugs and alcohol are exorbitantly more costly than not going. ‘Drunk driving and surviving’ is a tagline seen within a variety of private stories and the number of people who don’t survive is far too common.  To not be at these after-parties can be ostracizing and I understand your need for connection.  It’s valid that your internal dialogue is pissed at me saying ‘Paloma, no, everyone goes.’ Yeah, you can say that but it’s more common than you think. 50 dollars a person is lowkey ridiculous, for a night to take care of your best friend as she’s throwing up behind someone’s Subaru. I’ll say it once more for the dyslexic girlies. THAT IS NOT FUN. I love you girl and I am saying this out of concern, stay safe, stay sober, stay home if you want to get drunk or make sure your driver is sober.  

To the prom enthusiasts, I am not glazing. This is a gentle reminder that it’s perfectly okay to opt out of the ‘grand affair’ without feeling like you’ve missed out on the defining moment of your teenage years. The next time prom fever sweeps through DHS and that one Instagram account is posting everyone’s dresses, remember that the true magic lies in making memories that resonate with your heart, not just conforming to societal expectations.

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