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What to Wear: A Guide to Spring Trends 2024

Mena Ziegler in a black cardigan, wearing bows in her hair.

The snow’s starting to melt and the colors are returning to our trees; this can only mean one thing! It’s time for a spring shopping splurge! Love Shack Fancy, Aritzia, & ALO be prepared! Spring break is coming and our debit cards are ready! Here are some of this season’s trends to be looking out for before spring break. 


Pretty in Pastel

All pastels are good this season but I’m talking specifics for the girlies: soft blues, pale pinks, and butter yellows are your go-to when trying to upscale your outfit. These colors illuminate a light and warm energy while remaining calm and nurturing. The soft yellow is my go-to this spring, and I will be wearing it as the UV levels rise! I would love to see some blondes in this color. However, this yellow is one of those colors that looks good on literally everyone. Imagine, your hair’s still wet and your skin still warm. You just got off the beach and you’re on your way to dinner. You pick up your little blue dress with a matching sandal heel. You put on some mascara and contour. You tell your mom you’re ready. This blue isn’t the only color that looks fire with a tan. The pink is soft in a way that reminds me of the princess dresses we wore as kids. It reminds me of a little lamb playing in the field. Perfect for this Easter season. This color is perfect to pair with a little bow and a jean. I’m in love with these colors. They upscale a basic outfit while still keeping this neutral feeling. They’re easy to incorporate and don’t feel crazy elaborate. 


Beautiful in Bows and Other Accessories 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Can I get that with a bow on it? I love that this trend is still in and I hope it never falls out. There’s something so airy and clean about adding a bow to a belt loop or a loose braid. Right now we’re seeing them everywhere, this spring I have a feeling we’re going to lean out of the reds and pinks and fade into metallics; silver and gold ribbon strung about. Paired with chunky jewelry and colorful sunnies instead. The world seems to love their metallics and I feel like we’re going to see that implemented even more this spring! A good accessory is crucial to a cute outfit. Your accessories can elicit your infatuation for fashion while remaining in your hoodie and leggings. This spring don’t be afraid to go crazy with your jewelry. Trust; it’s the perfect opportunity to have a little more fun with your styling choices this season. 


Power Dressing

While you’re empowered no matter what you’re wearing, this style is the perfect way to embody that potential; to exude confidence in a baggy slack or a button up shirt. I love a slack with a birkenstock clog and a tank. This business casual aura you exude has the ability to create a sense of curiosity. You start to attract business opportunities, a finance bro, if our prayers are finally answered. There’s something so intellectual about wearing a fun cardigan. In a variety of colors or designs the cardigan is the perfect way to channel your inner Sofia Grainge Elliot. It’s feminine, its smart, its preppy and bubbly. I love it and I would love to see some people step out of their comfort zone and implement a cardigan in a few ways. Power dressing provides a sense of self confidence that drips into your everyday life and exasperates your successes. 

I couldn’t be more excited for this spring season. With warm forecasts and break coming up I wouldn’t be surprised to see us in nothing but swimsuits. Even then, I know this spring the feeds are going to be riddled with pastels, metallics, bows, and powersuits.

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