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Bike to School Week and Green Team: What It Is And Why It Matters

Aisha O’Neil, Audrey Toppin, Sophia Valdez, Halldor Vanderbilt, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Szech run the bike to school week stand on October 5, 2023. They are the members of the Green Team running the stand and had a large part in bringing this event to DHS.

In a time where climate debate constantly surrounds us, DHS is taking steps to support this movement with its Green Team. Bike to school week just ended, having a great turnout thanks to this team.

DHS freshman Halldor Vanderbilt, when asked why he chose to participate in Green Team stated, “I want to help the environment; it’s something I’m passionate about, and if there’s something I can do to help I want to do it.”

Vanderbilt is new to DHS, and despite being new to the school, he quickly knew that he wanted to join Green Team. There are many members in this club, truly demonstrating the capacity of high schoolers to care for a cause bigger than them. This is the first environmental event hosted so far this school year, but with these kids’ enthusiasm, it won’t be the last.

Brett Wilson, one of the advisors who runs Green Team when asked why he got involved stated, “Bike to school week is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, we talked in an early meeting about how we wanted this to happen, and here it is.”

He has been helping to run this club for multiple years, and finally bringing this national event to DHS has been a very rewarding accomplishment. October 4th was the national bike to school day, so the team encouraged students to at least bike on that one day. Students not only biked but rode skateboards and other non-motorized vehicles.

Wilson also states, “Seeing high school students being involved in things like this is really amazing.”

Alan Szech, the other advisor for Green Team stated, “[Wilson and I] really like the outdoors. We think the Earth is pretty amazing, and want to do our part to keep it healthy. We also really love the students we work with!”

Green Team is mainly student led, with the advisors dealing with the more technical aspects. This makes it incredibly rewarding for both the teachers and the students when a project like this is successfully pulled off.

Taking steps to protect the Earth is incredibly important, especially in our current day. If you are interested in joining the Green Team, get in touch with one of the advisors or even one of the student members. When this club’s next event rolls around, be sure to show some support. All of the members are very grateful for the turnout throughout this week-long event, and would be happy to see more students getting involved.

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