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  • DHS Cheerleaders putting pink ribbon over the front of their homecoming float on 2nd ave and 5th street. At the homecoming parade on October 17, 2023 clubs and groups needed to complete their floats before showing them off downtown.


    Homecoming Parade Preparation

  • The cast of Troupe 1096’s production of The Hobbit at an after-school rehearsal on September 28, 2023. With the whole play nearly memorized, the cast is well on its way to making this a wonderful show.

    Arts & Entertainment

    Troupe 1096: Why should you join?

  • Picture taken at Durango High School on Friday, October 20, showing part of the welding room. This picture only shows the entrance of the room and not the workshop.


    What is CTE? And what does it offer?

  • This is a picture of a list of things that a DHS student has to do over the weekend, and was taken on Friday, October 20th. It shows a method that students can use to keep track of the work they have to do.


    Techniques For Time Management

  • Picture taken on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, this picture was taken by Kyle Montgomery during a lab to learn more about the EMT pathway. This event was hosted at DHS during enrichment.


    What is HOSA?

  • At his coming home parade and party at Buckley Park on Oct 19, 2023 Sepp Kuss (middle) signed autographs for hundreds of local fans.


    How Growing up in Durango Fostered Vuelta a España winner Sepp Kuss’ Success

  • Paloma Romero in downtown Durango, with Coldstones Pumpkin pie batter and vanilla ice cream.


    The Best Artisan Ice Cream of Durango Colorado: A Comparative Piece

  • Student Submissions

    Student Submission Form

  • The school’s marching band performs their showcase “Heist” on the football field on October 14, 2023.

    Arts & Entertainment

    DHS Marching Band: From Showcase to Competition

  • Dane Mattlock (9) catching the ball between the 40 and 30 yard line. Mattlock is playing defensive line on DHS Varsity makes an incredible catch to get the ball where it needs to go. A true inspiration to young athletes.


    The Outstanding Freshmen of Demon Football

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Voice of the Students

El Diablo

Voice of the Students

El Diablo

Durango High School Students Struggle With Adjusting to a New Block Schedule

A printed version of the 23-24 school year’s new schedule outside of Ms. Klein’s room (room 2031). The changes made to the schedule caused some controversy at DHS.

As the 2023-24 school year begins, some changes have been implemented, one of these changes being the arrangement of the block day schedule. Instead of going to classes in a row, students are now being split up into odd and even days. Controversy about the change has risen within students, and as the DHS community begins to settle in, some begin to see the effects of the schedule change on their everyday lives. 

Returning DHS sophomore, Jordan Kitchens, points out that, “On the first days of school… once you had to go to one through seven, and then go to the block days, it made everything more confusing.” Since the first day of school was a block day, students had to go to their classes out of order and figure out where they were and then when there was a full seven period day students had to find the classes again, but in order of periods one through seven. 

The change means students need to be aware of what day it is, and what classes come at what time on that day, rather than just attending classes one through seven in order when the bell rings. Because of this, confusion seems to be the biggest argument against the odd and even days. 

For a lot of students, it is already a struggle to sit through ninety minutes of one subject without getting a break. Now, with the added confusion resulting from the schedule change, it has made these days even more difficult. Confusion has led to a hatred, and therefore dread, of these days, causing students to be even less motivated to attend an already disliked class period. Kitchens says that, “…it makes me dislike block days a lot more…if I’m dreading a block day, it makes it harder to get motivation and be there.” 

Kitchens’ opinion on the new arrangement is that it seems as though, “The teachers and people in charge of block schedules are trying to ruin students.”

As a teenager it can be hard to navigate the intricate in’s and out’s of high school life, and small subtleties like having a consistent, likable, schedule can make it just that much more bearable. When a change like this happens, no matter what intentions by educators are, it can throw off the flow of already stressed students, resulting in turbulence.  

Even as the school year progresses and students settle in, the schedule continues to affect the everyday lives of many. Stress takes its toll, and confusion is just one more pound on the weight on a student’s shoulders. Within the walls of DHS, comments and controversy about the schedule continue to stir. However, despite conflicting opinions on the schedule, DHS students continue resiliently. Perhaps as the year continues and students get more used to it, they will even begin to appreciate the effects of the new block day arrangement.

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