Mercury In Retrograde


A picture of the planet Mercury

Layla Breese, Staff Writer

Mercury Retrograde is when the planet nearest to the sun is spinning backwards. Mercury Retrograde happens a few times a year as part of our annual solar journey. Ancient astrologers believed that the retrograde affected our personal lives, though not in a good way, so we are lucky it only happens three times a year. Astrologers often associate the retrograde with confusion, delay, and frustration. People who recognize the retrograde associate it with things happening in their life, especially unlucky things happening. For instance, Taylor Swift said in an Instagram post after falling on her Eras tour, “braced my fall with my palm. It was very Mercury in retrograde coded.” The dates for Mercury Retrograde this year are December 28 2022- January 18, April 21- May 14, August 23- September 14, December 13- January 1 2024. Mercury rules communication and activities that are closely related to communication. During the retrograde try to be patient and open minded and remember to check emails and projects, it is likely for there to be miscommunication during this time. 


For Aquarius this retrograde means squabbles in relationships. Misunderstanding and miscommunication are bound to happen. It is likely that you will find out who your real friends are. Squabbling is also a likely thing to happen during this time. Madeline Dubois is a freshman and an Aquarius and states that she has had, “lots of petty squabbling with my sister over stupid things.” The retrograde means daydreaming and fogginess for Pisces. Creative activities could help with this fogginess. Frustration comes along with the retrograde for Aries. Watch what you say and how you say it. Since you always want to move forward it is frustrating that all of the energy is moving backwards. For Taurus this is a time to gather your thoughts. Thinking will be a key point throughout this retrograde for you so remember to take a step back. Gemini will face lots of communication during this retrograde. Old friends may reconnect and you will be getting lots of phone calls, texts, and even email. Cancer have annoyance with household chores. You will probably have to complete started or repair projects that weren’t finished. Leo needs to watch out for speculative investments. It is not a good time to invest money or buy and sell anything. The workplace is not a good place to be during the retrograde for Virgo. Equipment breakdown is likely to happen and coworkers will be irritable. Libra will be very indecisive during Mercury retrogrades. Do not make any big decisions and limit purchases because you might regret it later. Instead of making decisions, relax and rejuvenate. Emotions are high for Scorpio during this time so remember to think logically not with your emotions. Secrets may come out during this time so remember to keep to yourself and perhaps write in a journal. Sagittarius will not have good luck with traveling so expect delays and reschedules. Humor and patience is needed during this time along with taking care of local affairs instead of traveling. Like Leo, Capricorn needs to watch out for buying and selling. This retrograde is also a good time to reconnect and visit family.