Ew or Anew


Mr. Monty (middle) holding the small intestine of a pig while standing next to Levi Newman (left) and Cedar Faumui (right)on May 9, 2023.


Dissecting a pig isn’t something everyone has
on their bucket list. Freshman at Durango High
School, in their Biology classes, are learning not
only how to dissect a pig but how to identify
interior and exterior parts of one. Of course there
are many different thoughts and opinions on
dissecting animals coming from the freshman.

One of those students being Angeline Montoya, who felt a bit of an ick when it came to dissecting certain parts of a pig but is still cool with it. Montoya was questioned if they’re participating in the dissection as well as, if they’re excited: “I’m participating, I have no reason not to and I’m not really excited, [I’ve] seen the pictures and I’m not really excited about [seeing] pig guts.” Feelings aren’t the only thing Montoya was asked about, they were also asked about how they feel about the topic in general, they’re response was, “I understand why we’re dissecting fetal pigs because they’re similar to humans.”

Another freshman who has conflicting thoughts about this pig dissection is Luke Elias, who instead of participating in the dissection is opting out: “I am opting out of the pig dissection. I felt very nervous about dissecting a pig because I am very squeamish and have had to sit out of dissections before, [but] I am pretty neutral about it even though I don’t like it that much.” Just like Montoya, Elias was questioned about his thoughts on the unit, he responded passionately, “I think it’s a good opportunity for those who do participate and I think it is nice that there is an option to opt out. I also like that even though you are opting out you have work to do and can take knowledge away from the unit.”

And finally another freshman, Layla Breese who thought the whole idea of dissecting a pig was pretty weird but she still is participating but instead of cutting the pig or touching it, she chose to document all the information. Breese’s opinion of the unit is quick and simple: “I think it’s pretty cool, it’s a good opportunity to see if you can dissect something without throwing up.”

Photo taken by Ed Lerma in their Biology class at
DHS, right before they tie down the pig and dissect

Overall freshman can’t help but feel a little creeped out about the whole thing but still believe that it’s a rare opportunity to be able to cut open an animal. Would you be able to dissect a pig?