Early? Nope, Right on Time

Clover Chavez looking at the Monday schedule on April 3rd at 8:10 a.m for the last time before it changes.

Clover Chavez looking at the Monday schedule on April 3rd at 8:10 a.m for the last time before it changes.

Want to know something exciting about Mondays? Early release. Early release is when students get out of school an hour earlier than the regular time, not only can students and staff get out of school early but classes are shorter, that can be seen as good because there may be a class that someone doesn’t enjoy. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has made showers of snow which created more snow days than are allowed. Due to this, there will be no more early release starting April 10th.

Jonathan Hoerl, the principal of Durango High School released this information which caused a variety of reactions from students and staff. Why is there no more early release? Did something happen? Hoerl was asked if there’s going to be problems due to no more early release; he stated that it is what it is: “We have five snow days…[and only] get three that are allotted. So we have to make two up and by doing the survey with our parent community, our staff, and students, early release was identified as one of the things people [would] rather… [take away] than… the May 26th day.” Time is valuable to both teachers and students, time is needed when someone wants to complete something important or meet up with someone, time is something that happens everyday in our lives. It’s a key component that Hoerl put some consideration into: “We have a certain amount of time that we have to make in order to meet our state funding level (which is 1080 hours) and when we fall below that we’re given again three emergency days worth of time, so basically take it down to 1054 and once you dip below that then you have to figure out how to make up for that time.”

Anne Love, a teacher for biology was asked since there will be no more early release, will it benefit her in any way? Does he have any strong feelings? Love stated, “I am fine with not having early release for this last part of the school year as I understand why we don’t have it (to make up snow days) and would rather not have early release for the last portion of the school year then have to add another day onto the end of the year.” Will this benefit her in any way? Her answer: “I don’t feel a big benefit or loss since it is for such a short period of time that we won’t have early release.” 

Jay Johnston, a freshman was disappointed to hear that there will be no more early release, as they enjoy the early releases, exclaiming that “It’s nice to be able to get home early and have more time for other things.” But now that there’s no early release: “It’s not the best since I do most of my homework on Mondays, so it will take some time getting used to.” Again, it seems like time management for students could be a little more difficult now that they don’t have that extra hour.

All in all, the oncoming lack of early release has caused various emotions and stirred reactions from many different people. This event could be seen as good or bad but either way it happened.