The Astounding Ascendant

Pisces Symbol

Pisces Symbol

Your sun, moon, and ascendant sign all rule over different aspects of your life and personality. Your ascendant, also called your rising sign, is in charge of how you respond to your environment and how people view you when they first meet you. It is your outward appearance to the world and people around you. Your ascendant sign is also the first house in your chart. In “A Deep Dive Into Rising Signs & How They Impact Your Personality,” Ellen Rose states, “Your twelve houses are part of a circular map of the sky that corresponds with your birth time.” (You can find your horoscope, including your ascendant at For example, if your rising is Leo, you could be seen as outgoing and extroverted to people you first meet. That might contradict your sun sign which could be something like cancer which makes you more introverted.  You might not agree with what your ascendant is or what it says about you. That is because you know yourself deeper than somebody you just met. You don’t know your outward personality to people because you never have had to meet yourself. 

Aries rising could be described as unapproachable, this is because of their quiet demeanor. They tend to lash out, but only when something pushes them too far. When they do end up lashing out, they do not think what they say all the way through first. Taurus risings have a good mind but they can be overly sensitive. Opportunities may be spoiled because they are labeled as “difficult to work with.” They can be good company and good friends but that  might be spoiled because they are difficult people. They are creative, artistic, and clever. Gemini risings may find school difficult even though they are smart and inquisitive. They seem tough and business-like when you first meet them. The shield they put up is to hide vulnerability and their kind heart. They are quick to catch on and quick to get things done. They are good with people and good at making friends. Cancer risings can often be interested in heritage, antiques and history. They are often moody or ill tempered when you first meet them. They seem to have a lack of confidence, especially in difficult situations. Their outward manner is friendly and non threatening, they are often helpful and kind. They can become unpleasant when under attack, even if there is no real attack. That situation can lead to them closing the world out and keeping to themselves. Leo risings are often talented in music, acting, or art. They are good friends to have and are sociable and amusing. They are described as being kind and pleasant to be around. They work hard with a goal to succeed. They are cautious where money is concerned. Virgo risings often come across as serious and organized. They are reliable friends and have a great sense of humor. They are careful with money but are quick to spend when they get something they enjoy out of it. Libra risings tend to appreciate the arts. They can be described as lazy but they are pleasant to be around which makes them good company and friends. They are often good cooks and homemakers. Scorpio risings have a friendly manner and they want to be liked, yet they don’t have many real friends. They are loyal in relationships yet they often can not stay in one for very long. They can be described as demanding and fussy. Sagittarius risings have a kind heart and good intentions. They are often too restless to be relied on and they protect their image of friendliness and intelligence. They are friendly and take an interest in everyone and everything. Yet, when it coins they are nowhere to be found. They can be lots of fun and very entertaining. They also have a great sense of humor. Capricorn risings are diligent and intelligent. They may seem serious and act older than they are. Luckily they have a great sense of humor which saves them from being boring or too serious. They are ambitious and enjoy getting work done. They are capable and efficient workers. They are very loyal people, especially in relationships. Aquarius risings are often independent and original. They are intelligent people and tougher than they look. They are charming and popular, but don’t let this take away from their hardworking nature. They are quite idealistic and humanitarian. They project an image of coolness and they don’t enjoy showing emotion or weakness. Though they might be unpredictable at times, their heart is in the right place. Pisces risings can be sporty and active. They are often connected to the mystical and creative world. They are described as restless and have a reputation of being weak and gentle. Though they are seen as weak and gentle, they often find the urge to defend themselves against others. They are sometimes helpful yet they can turn in an instant to being unpleasant and in a bad mood.


Intuitive Pisces:


Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and a water sign with the symbol of a fish. Pisces is a mutable sign and its ruling planet is Neptune. The dates that Pisces fall under are February 19th- March 20th. Pisces are smart, creative, intuitive, and sensitive people. This intuitiveness helps Pisces know whether a person or a situation is good or bad. Hobbies Pisces often enjoy include reading, making art, and writing poetry. Pisces often get work done fast. This is not because they are smarter or faster, it is because they understand how they work and they respect it. Daydreaming is a big thing for Pisces as it helps along the creative process. Though daydreaming can be a bad thing too. Pisces often spend too much time in their head which can lead to overthinking or getting wrapped up in a situation. Opening up is not an easy thing for Pisces to do, especially when it comes to getting help. Pisces are very sensitive people. They are both sensitive to criticism and others’ feelings. They care deeply about others and would never hurt a fly. They often avoid harsh realities, but when thrown in their face it is a sad period. But they do take the sadness out in creative ways. They are very compassionate and trusting people. They seem to have spaced out behavior and are wishy washy. They prefer to make their own way and not go by the books. 


This week is a good week for Pisces. Managing projects and assignments is something this week brings forth. It is always good to do activities that you enjoy. Ellie Shaw, a freshman at DHS states, “I’ve been biking and skiing more often which makes me happy and more relaxed.” It is important for Pisces to do things that they enjoy, it makes them relaxed and less stressed. Shaw enjoys writing poetry as well as skiing and biking. The month of February is a slow month for Pisces. Big changes are coming next month. On March 7th, Saturn moves into Pisces for the first time since 1996. During March it is good to just be yourself and let things happen as they will. 2023 brings making things final. You have been making changes the past few years, this year it is time to have them set in stone. This year you will have luck with money and making friends. Building self-confidence is something you will need to work on and be challenged with. Certainty is something you might want and need more of. Enjoy this year and remember to love and appreciate yourself.


Key astrology events:

Mercury enters aquarius (Feb 11th)

Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces (Feb 15)

Pallas goes direct in Cancer (Feb 16)

Sun and saturn conjoined in Aquarius (Feb 16)

Mercury in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries (Feb 17)

Sun enters Pisces (Feb 18)

New moon in Pisces (Feb 19)

Venus enters Aries (Feb 19)