The Telling of the Zodiac

Aquarius Sign

Aquarius Sign

Zodiac signs have been used since the time of Ancient Greece with every zodiac sign representing a Greek god, goddess, or other important figures in mythology. Each zodiac has their own constellation in the sky. Nowadays, zodiac signs are commonly used to show one’s characteristics or one’s life path based on how the stars aligned at the time and place you were born. There are twelve zodiac signs, the ascendant (also referred to as your “rising” sign), twelve astrological houses, the planets, and the aspects. Your sun sign has to do with your birth date, your moon has to do with the position of the moon at the time you were born, this is determined by the date, place, and time you were born. Your rising sign has to do with the time you were born. There are two types of astrology, natal and predictive. Natal (or birth chart) astrology shows character, psychology and personality. Predictive astrology shows the trends and events of the planets in relation to your original birth chart. If you would like to calculate your birth chart you can do so at

Each sign has a glyph (symbol) which are the following: Aries- the ram, Taurus- the bull, Gemini- the twins, Cancer- the crab, Leo- the lion, Virgo- the virgin or maiden, Libra- the scales, Scorpio- the scorpion, Sagittarius- the archer or centaur, Capricorn- the goat, Aquarius- the water carrier, and Pisces- the fishes. Each sign is also considered to be either feminine or masculine. Each sign is either an earth sign (virgo, capricorn taurus), fire sign (aries, leo, sagittarius), air sign (gemini, libra, aquarius), or water sign (cancer, scorpio, pisces).

Unique Aquarius:

Aquarius, with the symbol of the water bearer, is the 11th house of the zodiac with the dates of January 20th- February 18th.  The rise of aquarius coincided in the middle east with a period of flood and rains which is why the aquarius symbol is a man pouring a stream of water out of a jug. Most people think aquarius is a water sign because of its symbol being the water bearer, but it is actually an air sign. Aquarius are often described as having futuristic ideas and an innovative and unique way of thinking. 

People under this sign are typically loyal and progressive people. They do not shy down from a challenge. They can also be described as rebellious, detached and impractical. A big characteristic of aquarius is creativity. This Saturday is a big social week for aquarius with mercury moving into aquarius. When asked if she has done any projects this week, Ruby Jane responded with, “I have felt pretty creative this week… I’m working on some fun crocheting projects… a lot of watercolor for my class…  and this weekend I am going to a book-binding workshop after skiing with some friends!” Lots of aquarius’s prefer animals to children or even people in general, they provide a quieter environment for aqurarius’s mind to run wild. Alix Dubois, a freshman at DHS who is an aquarius said, “I prefer animals. They don’t talk.” Because Aquarius is so creative and unique, they love teaching others about topics that they enjoy and are passionate about. Alix also comments, “I love teaching people about topics that interest me… I can definitely go off on a rant if I am passionate about the topic.” Venus is moving into Aquarius’ second house, causing Aquarius to take life slow and live in the moment. Maddie Dubois, a freshman at DHS and an Aquarius states that, “I’ve had a somewhat relaxed week… But I’ve had little to no motivation to get things done… Any task relating to school or chores seems to drain the life out of me… I’ve been taking things slow this week.” Remember Aquarius, it’s okay to ease off the break and take a deep breath. You do not have to be everywhere and do everything all at once.