Spotlight: Mrs. Flom


Mrs. Flom, the new Student Council advisor, outside the Strater Hotel on Thursday October 16th, 2022 for the Homecoming parade.

Mrs. Flom is the new advisor for the Student Council at Durango High School, as well as a math teacher. While it has been an interesting change, she really enjoys organizing things to bring the school together and has no intentions of ever leaving.


When Mrs. Flom was asked how the Student Council was going, She stated, “I love it. It’s a lot different than what I’m used to so I’ve been a math teacher forever so I’m usually with kids that are just not as on top of things or as organized as the kids in student council so it’s an interesting change.” She also added, “ I love organizing things and bringing the school together to celebrate things.”


While discussing some challenges of the job, she included, “It was really hard to come in straight into homecoming because I’m brand new and it is the busiest time of year for the Student Council so that was a little hectic and crazy but overall I really enjoy doing it.”


When asked about her experience from her first Homecoming as a student council leader, she shared, “It’s really scary because you don’t know anything but you have to trust in the system and the process and know that it’s going to be fine.” She added that this is advice that she has given to the student council as well.


While she loves teaching, it has not always been her profession. Mrs. Flom has had many different jobs and when asked about them commented, “I actually went to school to be an aerospace engineer but I ended up graduating with a business management degree in marketing. So I sold timeshare and I was a marketing manager for a big company in Atlanta for three years. I did property management in Atlanta for 2 years and then when I moved back here I got my real estate license and sold real estate for almost 6 years before I became a teacher.”


When asked what caused her to shift from real estate to teaching, she shared, “I had always kind of wanted to be a teacher since middle school but I had kept changing my mind and changing my mind. I think the final thing that really made me want to be a teacher is my family. I have three kids now and my husband is also a teacher so I wanted to have the same schedule as them. I wanted to have summers off. I wanted to be able to enjoy my family.” Mrs. Flom also added that she was inspired by many of her teachers, and acknowledged that the right teacher can have an incredible impact. Mrs. Flom’s husband, Mr. Flom is the class of 2025’s Academic Advisor.


Mrs. Flom also shared that she was born and raised in Durango and that she graduated from DHS, as well as many members of her family. She added, “I have no intention of leaving Durango High School until I retire. It holds a really close spot in my heart.”


 Mrs. Flom added that when originally approached about the position, she had apprehensions but the more she thought about it the more she decided it would be really cool to be able to have a positive impact on the community.


Mrs. Flom commented that she wants to focus on getting more students involved in school activities, like Homecoming. She then added, “My goal, as well as the executives, is to bring diversity and inclusivity to our school. We want kids to participate who have never participated in anything before.”