Mental Health Awareness: 4 ways to Help Deal with your Anxiety


After the events of Covid 19, many students around the world have suffered from anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. It is said that anxiety and depression have increased by 25% massively since March 2020. Students in schools across the U.S young and old have either felt stressed out or overwhelmed by work or their social life. Those are the main reasons for that massive 25% increase in anxiety. In the year 2022 students should know that they’re not alone and that they’re many ways to deal with our mental health. Here are five ways to deal with your anxiety and one step ahead to dealing with your mental health. 

The first reason in this case is taking time for yourself. Self-care for your mind and body is not selfish for others around you. It is a way to clear your mind from whatever you are dealing with, whether it’s stress, work, friends, family, or other problems you could be having. Research shows that at least 17-20 minutes to yourself is beneficial to your mindset. 

The second tip that is well recommended in this case is to have a good sleep schedule. A student can stress out about several things, such as work or after-school clubs whatever the case may be. Students tend to push themselves to their abilities or push work aside when they know it’s important. Those are the main causes of sleep deprivation which can worsen your mental state. According to a CDC article it states, “ teenagers aged from 13-18 years should sleep 8-10 hours to 24 hours.” This timing for sleep is beneficial to your health alone whether it is mental or physical.  Overall, sleep should be a priority when dealing with an anxiety disorder.

 A third way to have a better mental state is by talking to someone or having a way to express your feelings. You can talk to people like your parents or guardians if you have a close relationship with them or a close friend and with dealing with stress and anxiety in many schools across the U.S. they constantly recommend talking to your guidance counselor because that’s one of the main reasons they are there. 

My fourth tip for having a better mental state is being mindful. Now mindfulness is a way to be one with yourself. A thing most recommended is turning off electronics and finding a quiet area to be alone in your thoughts and giving yourself positive affirmations to start the day. Highly recommended when you wake up in the morning for the busy day ahead of you.

  These are the most popular and effective ways to deal with mental health as an everyday high school student. Hopefully, these ways can drop the percentages of anxiety and can help a student or someone in their everyday life to have stress-free worries.