El Diablo

Ramon Perez

Ramon Perez, Photographer

I am Ramon Perez, I am a Senior at Durango High School and I have worked hard to get where I am now. I have sacrificed many things to live here in Colorado and am pursuing more things every day I wake up here. I view each day as an opportunity to make more progress to become the person I want to be; and figure out who I want to be. I have a Pug named Meatball; he helps me through most situations in my life no matter how many times I call him ugly. I want to do photography because I think that it’s a fine art, and being able to capture the moment is a skill only possessed by those that are able to see the broad strokes of life. One of the more desirable traits in a human in my opinion.I listen to a lot of old music, and am having a hard time finding music that comes out today that I like. I think 80-90s rap is home to some of the most important and beautiful pieces of history. It shows the conflicts between America and it’s citizens; so it is important to know why certain songs were made and what they meant to people. It also demonstrates the importance of awareness among the common citizen, you see several artists sending a beautiful message to their listeners and finding similarities between them is honestly an amazing experience. I feel this I feel is a very big reason as to why I joined journalism.

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