May 21, 2018 by Caleb Simons and Hannah Wills

Closed Campus Debate:

Parents disagree with students & staff consensus

Jun 9, 2018 by Bryn Valdez

New Face of Identity Theft

Teenagers blasé about privacy

Jan 11, 2017 by Hannah Wills

DHS Art Exhibition
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El Diablo May 21, 2018

A tariff is a tax on the import or export of goods from one country to another. Capitalist economists hate tariffs. The reason economists hate tariffs is because economists understand the importance of letting the free market be free. Recently, , President  Donald Trump has expressed his approval of tariffs and has implemented 25% tariffs […]

El Diablo May 21, 2018

SAT-the most pressure-packed test you can take. How can it be that one test, out of all of your educational experience, will decide if you are worthy of going to the college of your dreams, or pursuing your dream job. These scores do not tell us anything valuable about the students. It is said that […]

El Diablo May 21, 2018

Although many view identifying on the LGBTQ spectrum as a modern practice, evidence for the existence of queer men and women can be found throughout popular history. If you disagree, it is likely due to the fact that the identities of queer historical figures have been repressed in favor of less “controversial” traits by many […]

El Diablo May 21, 2018

At SOS Outreach, the goal is to help kids gear up for life, ultimately changing the lives and communities they touch. With five full-time offices in three states along with national partnerships with ski resorts and the United States Forest Service, they work with at-risk students to help them shape their own future. The SOS […]

El Diablo May 18, 2018

The shooting on February 14 in Parkland, Florida has sparked a revolution led by teenagers and passionate individuals who are both conservative and liberal. Over many decades, we have seen gun violence become more prevalent across the board, not just in schools, but in the workplace and in public spaces as well. People are beginning […]

El Diablo May 18, 2018

On March 24, 2018, Fr. Wiley Corra was severely injured in Salt Lake City while waiting on a pedestrian bridge for a movie with his father, Andy Corra, and friends. Wiley Corra’s unpredictable accident occurred as he leapt onto a wall that looked to have grass right underneath it, turned to look back at his […]

El Diablo May 14, 2018

Although schools help students academically prepare for life, there are some things they just can’t teach. The SkillsUSA Program aims to teach students the things school doesn’t, and prepare them in more fields and professions. SkillsUSA is a nationwide program that aims at ensuring that the country has a strong workforce. 18,000 local chapters and […]

Todd Jolley May 14, 2018

While liberals are perfectly willing to air their ideas for stopping gun violence, they refuse to listen to those who disagree. This is slightly ironic, seeing as they accuse the right of being anti-action. While they stand on their moral pedestals and scold conservatives for not caring enough to take action, they squash attempts to […]

El Diablo May 14, 2018

Many Durango residents and locals are familiar with the mounting homeless population in our small mountain town. A homeless camp, established near the Tech Center, has recently been determined to be relocated due to safety concerns and other complications. “In addition to the fire risk, the site lacks ready access for sanitation, trash removal, or […]

El Diablo May 14, 2018

The Voice is an internationally famous singing competition that captures the audience’ attention and hearts. In the past two months a smaller version of The Voice had been held right here in our small town of Durango. The event started on February 24 at the Henry Strater Theatre. Talented singers auditioned in front of a […]