Month: April 2017

Gillian Holmgren April 14, 2017

Eric Archuleta is a senior at Durango High School who has an very real impact on everyone he meets. While his senior year comes to an end, he looks to the future and reflects on his high school career.   Interviewer: Are you looking forward to graduation? Eric Archuleta: Yes I am but also am […]

Gwen Stoddard April 12, 2017

With the end of the year approaching the seniors will be leaving and heading off to new places, but they aren’t the only ones planning on getting a change of scenery. El Diablo’s very own teacher sponsor Daniel Riecks will be making his departure from Durango and DHS at the end of the school year. […]

Paxton Scott April 12, 2017

Fake news has been an ongoing issue among the media, but recently took a turn when President Donald Trump took office. Fake news is news that circulates through the media using twisted facts and false information, and whether it be for comedic propaganda or to make someone look bad, it is not necessary. Trump has […]

Tierney April 10, 2017

Troupe 1096 has put on many a stellar show in all its years, but recently a new comedy piece has broken through the tradition of shows airing on the more serious side. Drop Dead, a play within a play, has been dubbed a “wacky slapstick comedy that will have you laughing out loud”. Previously running […]

Haley Szczech April 10, 2017

Durango High School’s Troupe 1096 is already well into their new show, A Streetcar Named Desire, and has wrapped up their show Drop Dead, a murder-mystery-comedy. Drop Dead is a play within a play, and a mystery with a mystery. The cast was made up of mostly sophomores, with one junior, one senior, and one […]

Lilah Slaughter April 4, 2017

How long have you played Kendama? I have been playing Kendama for a little over three years now. What first made you interested in playing Kendama? It was my interest in yoyo that introduced me to it and a senior when I was a freshman, Nate Curmano, really got me hooked. What’s your favorite trick […]