Month: February 2017

Gillian Holmgren February 26, 2017

Andrew Coleman is a Sophomore at Durango High School who has some pretty sweet ukulele skills. He made his first impression on the stage of the talent show in January where he showed off these skills, accompanied by his wonderful singing voice. Since then, he has been recognized as the “Ukulele Kid” around the halls. […]

Gwen Stoddard February 23, 2017

  The boys and girls Demon basketball team have had an impressive season and it only continues. Both teams have made it to the off-season playoffs, and both teams are looking to win this weekend on their own court at Durango High School. For the first time in many years the boys team has made […]

Tierney February 20, 2017

The Women’s March took place on January 21st in many different places. Here’s a wrap up of the number of attendees in the central march locations.   Washington D.C.: 500,000 people Los Angeles: 750,000 people New York: 250,000 people Chicago: 250,000 people Denver: 150,000 people London: 100,000 people The protest covered a third of the […]

Haley Szczech February 16, 2017

Although we see them as random lines or finger painting smudges the kids, who attend elementary schools, see them as masterpieces. When teachers and parents have their backs, students can then frolic in the fields of imagination and creativity. “Having access to supplies and space with encouragement will help foster expression,” said Tracy Farmer, mom […]

Paxton Scott February 9, 2017

Most communities give back to their school districts allowing students a great opportunity to give back to those in need. Many DHS students in clubs and on their own have been giving back to their community. One of these clubs is Interact which is a club at Durango High School that is focused mainly on […]

Paxton Scott February 9, 2017

As high school students make their way through the winding road of adolescence  and transition into adulthood, many struggle with their self-esteem, but such issues may just be caused by a change in the weather. According to a study by WordPress, while about one in four teenagers will experience real depression before age 24, some […]

Paxton Scott February 9, 2017

Over the past couple of years, an unofficial club formed at Durango High School when a small group of all-female students decided to meet in a teacher’s classroom at lunch on Fridays. Their mission: make music. They weren’t forming a choir or creating a band, they were simply getting together to have some fun. Additionally, […]

Paxton Scott February 9, 2017

Most bikers hang their bike up for winter, but others are just getting started. Temperatures drop, conditions get worse, yet Cyclocross riders live for this subpar weather. “I think there is a certain type of person. Cyclocross is a rebel sport, at least in America. People get dressed up in costumes and crazy stuff, others […]

Paxton Scott February 9, 2017

As the snow starts to fall and most people retire into their homes to stay away from the cold, nordic skiers hit the trails. The nordic season is full of early morning practices, skiing  into the night, and preparing for races all over the state and nation. Due to the dedication and commitment nordic entails, […]

Gwen Stoddard February 6, 2017

  With the girls soccer season fast approaching the coaches and organization have decided to organize an indoor soccer training on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the high school. It is also open to the boys who play soccer but their games are a part of a different schedule. The training and game play is […]

Tierney February 3, 2017

In the light of winter week, and upcoming prom, it seemed fitting to talk to the head of the student-elected leadership to get the lowdown on her thoughts pertaining to her position. Sr. Maggie Hackett has been on student council for 4 years. She’s a hard worker who is motivated by the goal of bettering […]

Gillian Holmgren February 2, 2017

Durango High School is known for a variety of different things, and one of them happens to be the vast options of clubs DHS has .to offer. There are 34 clubs throughout the school that meet regularly. The intended purpose of the clubs range from making a large-scale difference in world to simply changing the […]