Month: November 2016

Lilah Slaughter November 30, 2016

For the first time in DHS history, the men’s soccer team played their way to the Colorado semifinals in Parker, Colorado. On November eighth, the team ran through crowded halls and an inflatable tunnel to the applause and cheers of the entire school. “We’ve talked a lot about rebooting our culture and climate, our Demon […]

Haley Szczech November 30, 2016

Every actor and actress, whether they’re young and inexperienced or they’re professional Broadway performers, experience some form of audition nerves. The performers in Durango High School’s theatre Troupe 1096 have to face audition-related anxiety a maximum of three times in one school year. Senior Ataley Villasenor, has the opportunity to be the assistant director for […]

Tierney November 30, 2016

A special “getting to know you” interview with Gregg Cornwall, a new Sr. and Jr. English teacher who moved here this past May from Australia. We take a look at contrasts between American and Australian schools, culture, slang, jokes, and… seafood? Reporter: How long have you been teaching? Cornwall: In December it’ll be four years. […]

Tierney November 16, 2016

The Pros of Taking a Gap Year Many wanderlust seniors looking for adventure after graduation choose to take gap years. While there are endless things to do with a gap year, it is popular to spend them traveling. DHS graduate Bryce Gordon is spending his year skiing in Chile, Argentina, and all over North America. […]

Paxton Scott November 12, 2016

The majority of high school students have definite political views, and yet are unable to voice them through the democratic process. To address this, social studies teacher David Weisfeldt worked with his government classes to create a mock election for Durango High School students. The mock ballots, which included presidential, state representative, and county commissioner elections as well […]

Gillian Holmgren November 11, 2016

Earlier this year, North Carolina passed a law where transgender people are forced to use the public bathroom that correlates to their given sex. This is an ongoing issue throughout school districts across America for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender or Queer (LGBTQ) students where schools struggle with letting kids use the restroom that corresponds with […]

Paxton Scott November 10, 2016

Across: 2. El 8. Deli 9. Powell 12. Alumni 13. May 15. Soccer 16. To Kill A Mocking Bird 20. Piedra 25. Animas 28. Beauty 29. Riecks 30. DECA   Down: 1. Pencil 3. Japan 4. Demon 5. Cornwall 6. Escuela 7. Senioritis 10. Martines 11. Bus 14. Art 17. Kerchee 18. Gym 19. Dillman […]

Tierney November 10, 2016

Disclaimer: While this column does contain awesome and solid advice, it does not reflect the views of the entire El Diablo Staff nor of the DHS student body, just those of a teenager. How do you not procrastinate? – Al Wayslate Good question, let me think about it and get back to you. Why isn’t […]

Gwen Stoddard November 9, 2016

Many students represent Durango High School when their sports teams travel, and some of these kids are on more than one team. DHS is not the only school kids want to represent in their athletic careers – college sports are on the horizon for many students. “Playing three sports makes me a better person, and […]

Paxton Scott November 9, 2016

Procrastination has traditionally been portrayed as an unsatisfactory behavior —   an excuse for those looking to avoid work. A quick web search finds thousands of videos and webpages dedicated to helping students and adults be more productive by procrastinating less. But what if productive procrastination isn’t a contradiction? That is the position of a number […]

Paxton Scott November 9, 2016

The presidential election of 2016 fully illuminated the ugly side of politics. For years, politicians have been cast in a negative light as being slippery and silver-tongued. But it wasn’t until the Democratic and Republican parties narrowed down their candidates to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that politics took on an even more appalling turn. […]

Paxton Scott November 9, 2016

  On Wednesday, Oct. 19, Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence visited the La Plata County Fairgrounds in Durango Colorado to help spread his running mate Donald Trump’s campaign. With hopes to boost Republican support in Colorado, Pence made an appearance in small town Durango to offer his words on the election. This was the […]