Month: April 2016

Sydney Mattox April 28, 2016

Durango prides itself on shopping locally, especially when it comes to the many coffee shops. Everyone has their own personal favorite, and many can say they theirs is The Steaming Bean. Steaming Bean was located at 915 Main Ave, in historic downtown Durango. Due to its prime location it served as a caffeinated safe haven […]

Sydney Mattox April 27, 2016

Colorado DECA is ranked 10th in international membership with  7,856 members, making it some of the steepest competition in the game.  This year, February 21-23, the Durango DECA Chapter headed up to Colorado Springs to compete at the state level and to get the chance to qualify for DECA Nationals which will be held in […]

Sydney Mattox April 21, 2016

Meg and Joe Pecorino’s journey to Africa all started shortly after they were approved to adopt. Their agency sent them a referral which they accepted and about six months later they left for Uganda to adopt their son, Jimmy. They spent most of their time in Kampala; the capital and largest city of Uganda. “Kampala […]

Sydney Mattox April 21, 2016

Along with many of high schools all over the country, DHS has faced tremendous budget cuts. These cuts have many consequences, leaving room for lots of discussion about who should get the most money. Of course, the sports budget also has been an important aspect of the budget. Many cuts have been made to specific […]

Sydney Mattox April 20, 2016

Teaching would be such a horrible job! Most high school students think this thought at least once throughout their minimum of 12 years stuck in classrooms. However, what students don’t think about is the fact that their actual teachers may have thought the exact same thing. Teachers roaming the halls in DHS often thought about […]

Sydney Mattox April 19, 2016

The eyes are the windows to the soul, for most. For Fr. Aubrey Hirst and Sr. Julia Ion, the beauty of the soul is seen through photography. Recently, Aubrey and Julia won Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for their photos that digital photography teacher Ms. Mondino submitted to Scholastic Art & Writing.      “It’s […]

Sydney Mattox April 14, 2016

This spring break, the DHS choir will be taking a trip to Anaheim, California to perform at Walt Disney’s Disneyland. Both Colours choir and Concert choir will be attending. Currently, the choir is preparing for this trip by rehearsing songs and fundraising. “As president, I am organizing fundraisers so that everyone may have an equal […]

Sydney Mattox April 14, 2016

Even though the Demons Girls Swim and Dive team did not top all the podiums in the 2015-2016 season, the year was still full of well-deserved and award winning performances. At District Championships in Grand Junction, Colo. the Demons took second behind Glenwood Springs High School, disrupting their two time District champion title. “I was […]

Sydney Mattox April 14, 2016

Early this year, many girls lacrosse and tennis players found out they don’t have a coach for their 2016 season. The application process has been open since early December and has received many qualified applicants in that time. “I will be very grateful towards the new coach for sacrificing their time,” said Sr. Sarah Harrelson. […]

Sydney Mattox April 13, 2016

The Durango High School Atlas sophomore class of 2015 was the first class to attempt the Atlas personal project. The Atlas personal project consists of students engaging in a variety of topics they are interested in and conducting a project based off of the information taken away from studying their chosen topic. Many of the […]

Sydney Mattox April 8, 2016

Most children dream about superpowers; at a young age they are influenced by the capes, the hidden identity, the valiant rescue missions, and the cool theme song. These are the things that make a superhero so super in the eyes of the the youth. But what happens when the cape is replaced by harmful guns […]

Sydney Mattox April 7, 2016

The Durango Public Library has recently opened their facility to display various forms of youth artwork such as photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics or even written works. “I think the community will be impressed by the work high schoolers are doing…their hard work should be viewed and celebrated,” said Animas High School student, Sr. Becca […]