Student Life

El Diablo December 20, 2018

Thanksgiving was originally created to celebrate the plentiful harvest between English pilgrims and Native Americans. Today, Thanksgiving is a holiday in which family and friends gather to eat, drink, and usually watch football. It’s a very popular holiday, not only because of the abundance of food but also because it is a time for gathering […]

El Diablo December 20, 2018

Eat, sleep, school, and homework is often the routine high schoolers face today, yet along with these essentials in daily life is something more important than expected – tea. Let’s be honest, most high school students are not avid tea drinkers, but there are many reasons as to why they should be. Passionate tea drinkers […]

El Diablo December 18, 2018

In Durango, the holiday season brings with it a plethora of festive events, winter activities, and, above all, delicious treats. As such an active travel destination for snow-seeking tourists in the winter months, it is not surprising that a large part of Durango’s culture and activity during this season is centered around holiday-themed fun. One […]

El Diablo December 17, 2018

College applications, AP classes, homework, etc. is what most upperclassmen face. The weekends are the only thing that keeps students going through the rigorous school week.  Weekends are ideally for friends, fun, activities, and rest. Who would want to think about school on the two days a week students get a mental break. “I’m taking […]

Gillian Holmgren October 24, 2018

El Diablo interviewed one of this years exchange students at DHS. Get to know Alex Montenegro, a Junior who came all the way from Spain.   1.)Which Countries did you choose to go to be a Exchange Student? “My choices were Canada & US, Belgium, and France. The US was my first choice”   2.)What […]

El Diablo May 9, 2018

Durango School District 9-R has undergone many significant changes in recent years, including the hiring of a new principal and a handful of updates to the standards and graduation requirements. Most of these changes are welcome; some, however, have fared worse than others and are rather controversial. The newly-installed WiFi hotspots have been cause for […]

El Diablo May 9, 2018

This year at Durango High School, a new series of tests have been implemented into the curriculum: literacy assessments. “I think that it’s good that they are making sure we can write in all the different subjects, but I feel like the way that the literary tests are formatted and graded isn’t effective because, based […]

El Diablo May 3, 2018

Whenever offensive left tackle competitor Carver Willis gears up to represent the Durango Demons in football, his body was always in the sport, while his mind is in prayer. “God’s got this, it’s his plan. God’s got this, it’s his plan.” During the November 10th game against Cañon City, the act of praying was able […]

Gwen Stoddard January 29, 2018

Getting there-      Waking up at 5:45 in the morning is usually the worst thing ever because you are so deep in sleep that your body is saying “What the heck man!”. But this morning was different because I didn’t sleep, throughout the whole night because all my mind was saying was, “What the […]

Gillian Holmgren January 26, 2018

Colorado is a hub for the nation’s best skiers/snowboarders/shredders. As the town of Durango is basically snow free in January, DHS students are still finding their way to the slopes to knock out a few runs and tricks. Whether its riding the lift with a couple of good pals, drinking hot cocoa after a day […]

Gwen Stoddard October 20, 2017

Durango High School is filled with dedicated students who do amazing things. Many take full course loads, advanced classes, and participate in a myriad of extracurriculars. But while a busy lifestyle is appealing to most, sleep is often compromised, which can lead to multiple issues inside and outside of the classroom. The importance of sleep […]