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Gwen Stoddard October 2, 2016

Boys Soccer:      Many exciting events have occurred on the fields that the Demon boys’ soccer team has played on this 2016 season. Both the JV and Varsity team demonstrated great skill and teamwork during game time all over Colorado. The Varsity team came away with eight wins and one loss after playing nine games. JV has […]

Paxton Scott September 19, 2016

[audioclip align=”left”][/audioclip] When it comes to investing, starting early gives investors an enormous advantage —  time. Based off the average annual return of for a 401(k) in last forty years, a student who invested $1,000 today would see their funds increase to $45,000 in forty years. Comparatively, a young person invested the same $1,000 dollars, […]

Sydney Mattox April 28, 2016

Durango prides itself on shopping locally, especially when it comes to the many coffee shops. Everyone has their own personal favorite, and many can say they theirs is The Steaming Bean. Steaming Bean was located at 915 Main Ave, in historic downtown Durango. Due to its prime location it served as a caffeinated safe haven […]

Sydney Mattox April 21, 2016

Along with many of high schools all over the country, DHS has faced tremendous budget cuts. These cuts have many consequences, leaving room for lots of discussion about who should get the most money. Of course, the sports budget also has been an important aspect of the budget. Many cuts have been made to specific […]

Sydney Mattox April 19, 2016

The eyes are the windows to the soul, for most. For Fr. Aubrey Hirst and Sr. Julia Ion, the beauty of the soul is seen through photography. Recently, Aubrey and Julia won Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for their photos that digital photography teacher Ms. Mondino submitted to Scholastic Art & Writing.      “It’s […]

Sydney Mattox April 14, 2016

Even though the Demons Girls Swim and Dive team did not top all the podiums in the 2015-2016 season, the year was still full of well-deserved and award winning performances. At District Championships in Grand Junction, Colo. the Demons took second behind Glenwood Springs High School, disrupting their two time District champion title. “I was […]

Sydney Mattox April 7, 2016

The first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of Durango usually include skiing the snowy slopes at Purgatory, the roaring chug of a train rolling through historic downtown and the cheering of locals as the festive Snowdown parade moves down Main Avenue. Though few  people imagine Durango as a fashionable community, the students at […]

Sydney Mattox April 5, 2016

All over the country, film festivals bring directors and locals together to show movies that shed light on important issues. Durango Film, the local, independent film society and festival is committed to developing cinema literacy in the minds of people in Durango. The festival connects independent filmmakers and their passion with local people from March […]

Sydney Mattox February 23, 2016

The majority of students at DHS who were interviewed for a recent El Diablo story did not see the benefits of buying locally and were just concerned about fashion. However, many local stores are working hard to change the way students think about shopping. Sophomore Lana Razma said, “I enjoy shopping out of town more […]

Sydney Mattox February 1, 2016

Do you remember the fifth of November? In 1605, a man named Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up British Parliament to engage revolution. Made popular by the movie V for Vendetta, the idea of anonymous activism has become the face of Anonymous, one of the most popular hacking groups acknowledged today. This group of hacktivists […]

Sydney Mattox January 29, 2016

Lockdown drills are a means of practicing preparedness in the event of an intruder entering a school. When an announcement has been given, students are told to go into a classroom, lock the doors and close the windows until the drill is over.                Recent shootings, however, have raised […]