In The Community

El Diablo December 18, 2018

In Durango, the holiday season brings with it a plethora of festive events, winter activities, and, above all, delicious treats. As such an active travel destination for snow-seeking tourists in the winter months, it is not surprising that a large part of Durango’s culture and activity during this season is centered around holiday-themed fun. One […]

Gillian Holmgren October 2, 2018

Following the last winter’s dry conditions, Durango residents are eager to accept any chance of snow in the upcoming season. Many hope for an El Nino weather pattern to aid in rectifying the recent drought, but is there a chance of it occurring? “El Nino is a weather pattern that affects North America and beyond, […]

El Diablo May 14, 2018

Many Durango residents and locals are familiar with the mounting homeless population in our small mountain town. A homeless camp, established near the Tech Center, has recently been determined to be relocated due to safety concerns and other complications. “In addition to the fire risk, the site lacks ready access for sanitation, trash removal, or […]

El Diablo May 10, 2018

In late July a new girls club joined the ranks in Durango, Colorado: the Durango Lady Climbers. This group of hardcore women are based out of the Rock Lounge and run a Facebook page where they plan group climbing excursions almost every weekend. Gloryann Linch, one of the masterminds and avid climber behind this group, […]

El Diablo May 9, 2018

Instead of vibrant commerce and frenzied customers, empty spaces characterize the Durango Mall. The mall has always been struggling to be a place that people actually shop, but nowadays it seems that the mall is empty as ever. Due to a changing retail economy in Durango and elsewhere, a small population, and multiple other factors, […]

El Diablo May 9, 2018

On Nov. 7, 2017, the Durango 9R School Board had an election where three seats were available. The four year term for districts A, C, and E seats were available. District A covers the Northwestern part of Durango as well as the land to the west of highway 550. District C covers the southern portion […]

El Diablo May 7, 2018

Out of the 1,516 shootings that have occurred in the United States, five of those mass shootings took place in Colorado. The locations of these shootings varies: a movie theater, a Chuck E Cheese, an RV park, a youth center/church, and a high school; all taking place over nineteen years. With these attacks on the […]

El Diablo May 7, 2018

You may have noticed that your favorite hiking spot has been more busy with people running, biking, or hiking on the trail, the path crowded with people and their dogs. Durango’s population has spiked, and is expected to increase by 66% in La Plata County, with other parts of Colorado increasing by 79% by the […]

El Diablo May 7, 2018

Durango’s snow level now is at 22% of the standard average level. The minimal snowfall and severe lack of ski and snowboard activity that Purgatory Resort is experiencing hints at the impact of climate change on the Purgatory and the typical Durango resident’s lifestyle. The global scientific consensus that humans have caused climate change, which […]

El Diablo May 3, 2018

Coming off a recent opening of February 17th, Goodwill fits right into the clothes scene of Durango. The brand new store’s used merchandise is already steadily flying off shelves, and DHS students are loving it. “There’s a large selection of items, and some really cool finds if you dig deep,” said so. Timmy Chamblee, a […]

El Diablo May 1, 2018

It is official- Pueblo Community College will be moving into Durango High School at the end of this school year. The recent 9R press conference officially released the college move into DHS. Students can expect a significant change of atmosphere and structure of the school next year. Students will now have access to concurrent enrollment […]