Tierney April 10, 2017

Troupe 1096 has put on many a stellar show in all its years, but recently a new comedy piece has broken through the tradition of shows airing on the more serious side. Drop Dead, a play within a play, has been dubbed a “wacky slapstick comedy that will have you laughing out loud”. Previously running […]

Tierney February 20, 2017

The Women’s March took place on January 21st in many different places. Here’s a wrap up of the number of attendees in the central march locations.   Washington D.C.: 500,000 people Los Angeles: 750,000 people New York: 250,000 people Chicago: 250,000 people Denver: 150,000 people London: 100,000 people The protest covered a third of the […]

Tierney February 3, 2017

In the light of winter week, and upcoming prom, it seemed fitting to talk to the head of the student-elected leadership to get the lowdown on her thoughts pertaining to her position. Sr. Maggie Hackett has been on student council for 4 years. She’s a hard worker who is motivated by the goal of bettering […]

Tierney December 7, 2016

You’ve probably seen them, or heard them, in the halls; jamming out and making the school feel just a little bit brighter. Sophomore Dutch Revells and Jr. Aaron Hawkins (junior) are two students who play their music out loud as they walk to class. “Sometimes highschool gets a little boring and slow and there’s nothing […]

Tierney November 30, 2016

A special “getting to know you” interview with Gregg Cornwall, a new Sr. and Jr. English teacher who moved here this past May from Australia. We take a look at contrasts between American and Australian schools, culture, slang, jokes, and… seafood? Reporter: How long have you been teaching? Cornwall: In December it’ll be four years. […]

Tierney November 16, 2016

The Pros of Taking a Gap Year Many wanderlust seniors looking for adventure after graduation choose to take gap years. While there are endless things to do with a gap year, it is popular to spend them traveling. DHS graduate Bryce Gordon is spending his year skiing in Chile, Argentina, and all over North America. […]

Tierney November 10, 2016

Disclaimer: While this column does contain awesome and solid advice, it does not reflect the views of the entire El Diablo Staff nor of the DHS student body, just those of a teenager. How do you not procrastinate? – Al Wayslate Good question, let me think about it and get back to you. Why isn’t […]

Tierney November 2, 2016

  Durango High School Students have various political views and opinions. Many teens of this generation are highly influenced by media, peers, teachers, and their parents. In Durango and in DHS the political bias, speaking in terms of liberal versus conservative, the divide seems to split right down the middle, which reflects the national divide […]

Tierney October 26, 2016

  Climate change and pollution are national issues that divide people throughout America. The 2016 election has highlighted the controversy on this issue. Durango High School students are involved in discussion about pollution and climate change. According to Hillary Clinton’s Website, “We will generate enough renewable energy to power every home in America.” This issue […]

Tierney October 20, 2016

In this day and age with technology advancing at a pace faster than ever before, more and more personal information is becoming accessible online. As a result, it is paramount to know the technology services people are using are secure. Despite the outrageous importance of these companies being secure, some, like Yahoo, cut corners on […]

Tierney September 6, 2016

Bob – Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius The down to earth member of the family, you are honest, ambitious, and imaginative. Maybe you use that imagination for burger names, maybe not. At times, you can be moody and pessimistic. Just like Bob, your family is most important to you. And burgers. “Listen, you’re my children and I […]