Fashion at DHS

Chelsea Harris, Reporter

After school on Friday December 12th, the commons were filled with music, refreshments, and a whole lot of clothes. Fashion Club, a club that meets Thursdays in college prep teacher Kurt Zeiner’s room, put on a clothing swap.

“People like to buy clothes, but they can be really expensive and other people have clothes they don’t wear anymore. We wanted to include the whole school into our club and its a fun way to get new clothing for free and you can find out who has the same style as you,” said Co-President Sr. Jessica Snowberger.

The ideas behind the clothing swap was for students to bring in clothes from home that they no longer wear, for members of Fashion Club to sort through these clothes, and then for other students to look through the clothes to find the ones that they want to keep.

“We make sure they are good quality,” said Snowberger.

The clothes were laid out on tables in different labelled categories so students could easily find sweaters, pants, tops, etc. Many students were excitedly looking through the clothes on Friday, including Fr. Mckenna Langford.

“I think its great because other people can get rid of the clothes that they have just lying in their closet and other people who need new clothes can get some,” said Langford.

Fashion Club gave students the opportunity to find affordable clothes, become more included into their club, and connect with others who share their style.