Similar Siblings

Maggie Wigton, Reporter

Younger siblings have a tendency to follow in their older sibling’s footsteps. Here at DHS, students tend to base their main activities off of what there siblings are or have been involved in.

At DHS many students look up to their older siblings, and join activities because their siblings motivate them.  Livi and Nate Curmano are both involved in Student Council and soccer.

“My brother is the reason I do soccer and he always helps me if I need it. He is a good role model” said So. Livi Curmano.

Whether they want to be like their sibling, or maybe just want someone to look up to in a sport, many freshman tend to follow their older siblings throughout high school.

From the point of view of an older sibling, some siblings look up to them, but some wish to be the total opposite.

“My youngest brother and sister are both definitely following in my footsteps, they want to run and be like me and i think they really do look up to me. My other brother tries to be different than me though, he’s a total opposite” said Jr. David Menning.