The Gravitational Pull of a Netflix

The Gravitational Pull of a Netflix

Ryann Daly, Reporter

Netflix: the media magnet many students of the DHS student body find themselves getting attached to.  Not only does Netflix draw people in for an episode they may have missed on the T.V., it inspires a growing trend of “binge watching” that distracts from student’s to-do lists. With technology increasingly getting better, there is more content to be viewed, and students are baited into the trap.

“I watch netflix a few times a week for about two hours, and it is a real struggle to get my homework and chores done when I am watching, because I really get into it,” said So. Camryn Mata of Animas High School.

Mata explains how the cycle of binge watching begins. Most T.V. series episodes end with a cliffhanger that gives the desire to watch one more, and then one more after that. This turns into a huge snowball effect.

“I watch netflix as my reward for completing my homework, or chores, etc.. However, even using netflix as a reward, I am still distracted from being productive,” said Fr. Maddie Dearien.

Dearien brings up how using Netflix as a privilege helps her to stay on top of things. Netflix can be as addictive as students make it. Next time the urge to watch the entire season of a T.V. series presents itself, press play on another activity.