Durango Skiers Receive Statewide and National Recognition


Lucas Robbins , Reporter

It started with a group of friends and a camera. Then came the competition, and before long this group of friends was featured in a national ski magazine, called New Schoolers Magazine.

“We were a group of friends entering a photo into an online comp for funny ski pics, and I happened to be in the pic doing a tail press.” said Jr. Nico Schiavone.

This was a group of friends all doing tricks off of a small box jump up at Durango Mountain Resort. Pieced together by Keenan DesPlanques, it included Jrs. Nico Schiavone, Garrett Coleman, Vayle Townsend, and Max Iccas.

The prize was ski equipment from Line including skis, hoodies, hats.

“The competition was the ‘Get in the Van Contest’, where the internet voted on the pics and we got the most so we won,” said Schiavone.

This was another positive event that shed light on skiers from Durango. Along with freestyle and  nordic skiers making Junior Nationals, and traveling to the east coast. Alpine also sent a couple kids to the Rocky Mountain Division Junior Championship Team.

“I think that kids from Durango getting involved with bigger situations in skiing is great because there’s already many passionate kids. Which could open up opportunities for them. And, it will also attract more kids into skiing,” said local skier and So. Krae Tune.

All of the national presence in Durango sheds lots of positive light onto the skiing scene, and an outcome could be coming with more local kids trying out skiing.