Too much Christmas Cheer or Not Enough?


Kylie Slade , Reporter

The Christmas Season comes with many components all its own; one of which is the Christmas music that is so familiar. Could something as traditional and unchangeable as Christmas music be controversial?

“It gets old when you hear it every single day on every radio station since Halloween,” said Sr. Zach Earies.

The peppy jingles and cheery voices can eventually wear on some people, even if they do not mind Christmas music in the first place. The repetition creates more of the mantra of a broken record than the spirit of the season for them after a while. Perhaps people are slightly overzealous about when the decide to play their Christmas jingles.

“I really like Christmas music because it makes me feel joyful and happy,” said Fr. McKenna Langford.

On the other hand, some people could begin listening to Christmas music in July and never get sick of it because of the way it makes them feel.  They do not care if the same tunes with the same words are repeated many times over.  They probably even sing along.