Cop Cams in Dispute

Rose Fox, Reporter

The growing support against police brutality from U.S residents, especially racial profiling, has forced the government to reevaluate the way police officers are handling everydays situations and make an effort to change their ways.

The government has come to the conclusion that each cop should wear a body camera. The camera will be moderately small and attach to their uniform’s shirt.

Photos by Kelsey Pool

These cameras will capture all of the cop’s activity while they are on duty including how they approach people and situations.

Since all the evidence from witnesses has been brushed off as insufficient and untrue, people believe that putting cameras on an officer’s clothes would help capture the truth.

“I think it is always a good idea to keep officers accountable for the crucial decisions they make while on duty. Cameras would provide solid unarguable evidence in the event of an situation,” said AHS Jr. Al Thompson

Some people think that this is a poor decision.

“Personally, I think cops will abuse the cameras and just turn them off when the don’t want to film what is happening,” says So. Lane Arnwine.

Just how well these cameras will help justify police actions, no one can say for sure. However, the main goal is to at least minimize the amount of police brutality that is filling the streets.

Some cities, like Albuquerque, already have this rule in place and are trying out the new cameras to see how well they work.