Libraries: A Dying Species?

Olivia Andrew , Reporter

As the years have progressed humans have used libraries for many different reasons. I worked in my old schools library for the first three years of my high school career. I cleaned, organized books, collected records, made labels and checked out books to people. The library is a public resource; anyone can get a library card and check out books; any books ranging from science fiction to autobiographies. It is also a quiet spot to curl up with a good book or be productive and study.

Libraries were originally used to get material out in public and to share stories. We now how other ways to share material like the Internet. Depending on the person, libraries are viewed differently. I enjoy the library, using it as a resource to check out books, and for a quiet place to study.

“I think the library is helpful to society and students because of its access to books people would not usually have,” said Jr. Grace Cooper. I resonate with her words. A good library is always helpful. There are outdated libraries, in which case, Google is more helpful.

“I like libraries but sometimes it is better for me to have some ambient noise in the background, the quiet makes it hard for me to focus. I think libraries are useful but not really for research, we have Google for that,” said Jr. Katie Austin of Animas High School.

I understand both perspectives. Libraries are fun and resourceful but are a dying species when it comes to resource centers.