Abby, the talent-searching dog

Liam Hahn , Reporter

Hello, My name is Abby the dog. Most of you don’t know me, but I’d love to get to know you all.

I am a therapy dog who hangs out with Martha Schanfarber, the academic advisor for TRIO Talent Search. Martha helps students work towards obtaining a college degree. I love when students come in to meet with her because it means that I will always get attention.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I’m in the TRIO room with Martha as she helps students with their college endeavors.

“My day consists of group meetings with students grade 9-11, and one on one meetings with seniors,” said Schanfarber.

Students are always coming to work on scholarship and college applications with Martha.

Students can join by being referred by teachers, or if they really want help with working towards college, they can come talk to Martha about joining.

“Talent Search has given me personalized help with applying to colleges. I would be lost in a world of college applications without Talent Search,” said Sr. Beau Crist.

Photo by Raeden Shanks