Recycle What?


Ryann Daly, Reporter

Throughout the year, individuals go through a great amount of glass, paper, plastic, aluminum, and other disposable items. Most of these individuals choose to recycle all that they can in an effort to help the environment, but there is still a group of people who are less aware of the benefits and simplicity of recycling, and the help it brings to the environment.

Now a days, nearly everything you use and dispose of can be recycled with a quick drive to one of the local recycling stations, and a little arm strength to dump the items down the tunnel. Thats the easy part, but to be a true recycler, you have to think about living in moderation; purchasing products with less packaging, using environmentally friendly substitutes for commonly disposed of products, and believing in sustainable living.

Photos by Raeden Shanks

“I’ve been recycling since I moved to Columbine in 1981, and continue to do it because our planet is drowning in plastic. I’m not sure exactly when we became such a single-use, throw-away culture but it troubles me,” said Durango resident Carrie Cline.

Like Cline, and myself, there is a great worry about the state our planet is in right now due to peoples’ improper disposal of commonly used items, and  ignorance to recycling.

“I don’t recycle. I think it should be encouraged, but people shouldn’t be forced to do it,” said Jr. Tanessa Farley.

The reason why many fail to recycle, may just boil down to their resistance to care and put effort towards helping the environment. If the islands of trash floating in the oceans, the millions of people becoming ill due to water pollution, or the hundreds of marine animal deaths due to the ingestion of trash isn’t disturbing, then I don’t know what is.