Doors Close on Delicious Delis


Rose Fox, Reporter

Per capita, Durango has more food establishments than San Francisco. That says a lot for a small town.

Unfortunately, some of these eateries are not as successful as others and are forced to closed. Closure of certain restaurants has a big impact on local high school students.

“Last year, when I attended Durango High School, it was nice to be able to cross the street and get a decent sandwich at Bobby D’s Deli for only five dollars,” said Animas High School So. Shea Toner.

Bobby D’s was located right across from the high school and was affordable for a student’s budget. It was replaced by a new sandwich shop, Three Peaks Deli, which is still delicious but a little more costly than what a high school student wants to pay.

Another favorite restaurant was Poppy’s, located downtown. Poppy’s shut down only a few weeks ago out of the blue, coming as a surprise to many customers.

“I liked that it was fast, and I liked the patio that they had for people who wanted to sit outside,” said So. Luke Longfellow.

Poppy’s was right in the heart of downtown and was only a five minute drive for students. Outside of the high school lunch rush, however, they were only open for four hours per day, making it hard to find time to eat there.

Owning a restaurant is a tough task and requires a lot of maintenance on everything, including pricing foods, hours of operation and managing staff. One major slip up on any of these and a restaurant could, unfortunately, go out of business.