The Future of Snapchat: Artificial Intelligence


This is Snapchat’s AI which was released on April 19, 2023. This is the first image you see on Snapchat before befriending the AI.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is evolving. In the past couple of weeks, Snapchat has recently released an update in their app using an AI-powered feature. The AI chat update is designed to improve the Snapchat experience by making it more personal and interactive. The AI entity uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the user’s message and generate a response. This means the chat will be more natural and fluid, and the responses will be tailored to the user’s style and preferences. A benefit to this is that the AI chat update could lead to more engaging conversations. Using AI technology, Snapchat can analyze the content of messages to provide relevant suggestions to users. This can help users to continue conversations in a more meaningful way, and prevent conversations from becoming stale or repetitive. AI technology can also help users find the right words to express themselves, and can even suggest responses based on the context of the conversation. However, this concern about privacy is a valid one.


Users should be aware that the app is collecting data on their conversations, which could potentially be used for AI purposes based on the users’ characteristics and personal interests. This is making one of the biggest concerns of Snapchat’s AI. While Snapchat has ensured users that their privacy shall be protected, some people may seem uncomfortable with the idea of their conversations being analyzed and used for AI purposes. Another potential downside to this update is the AI chat update could lead to more impersonal conversations. While the update is designed to make conversations more natural and engaging, some people feel that the use of AI technology takes away from the personal touch of a conversation. In some cases, the responses generated by the AI don’t always accurately reflect the user’s intended message, leading to confusion or misunderstanding. Another issue with the AI chat feature can be the up-and-coming lack of human conversation. While chatting with a virtual avatar may seem entertaining for a short period of time, it definitely cannot replace genuine human interaction. Although this new update is still new and artificial intelligence is still developing in the digital world, the lack of human connection and interaction is still a possible issue. The only way to get rid of Snapchat AI is to buy Snapchat+, which is $3.99 per month, or delete the app completely. Despite this concern, the AI chat update is a step forward in the evolution of online communication. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that we will see more developments in personalized and natural communication, and Snapchat’s AI is just the beginning.

Not all Durango High School students are thrilled about this new update. Some students are excited about the innovation of technology and artificial intelligence through social media while others are freaked out by the idea of the app analyzing their messages and analyzing their responses. A high school senior at DHS, Ryan Montoya, shares his opinion about AI and how the app can appear more unalarming than it should seem. When Montoya was asked if AI was safe, his response was, “ It depends on how you use it…..” He also stated, “…people don’t really know how AI works in general and what Snapchat’s real reason is. For example, trying to get information from other people and whatnot.” The new AI chat update is supposedly a new step forward in the evolution of online communication, Montoya’s saying in the matter was, “ Yes definitely it is a step forward in online communication.” Another student here at DHS, Chloe Aitken, claims, “ Snapchat is trying to use AI for information.” When Aitken was asked if users should be cautious when using the AI chat update she said, “ Yes, I think that teens are so reliant on forming a connection with a friend that’s always there for you and never judges you and can’t tell anyone anything which can become an addiction.”

While Snapchat‘s new AI feature may seem like a harmless addition to the app for now, it can still have the potential to cause harm. From spreading misinformation to privacy concerns. There are several reasons to be cautious about this feature. It is important for users to consider the potential consequences before engaging with the virtual avatars. But, the new update also has the potential to significantly improve the user experience. By facilitating more engaging conversations and increasing convenience, users may find it easier to connect with their family and friends through the app. As such, it is likely that the new AI chat update will be a positive development for Snapchat users as artificial intelligence evolves through technology.