Hubie Halloween: Movie Review


Adam Sandler brings us yet again another uniquely nostalgic comedy film, this time fitting quite well into the sweet treat holiday. 

The film is set on October 31st in Salem, Massachusetts where a devoted and unconventional local volunteer, Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) finds himself protecting the townspeople from an unusual villain. Sergeant Steve (Kevin James) and Mayor Benson (Gorge Wallace) work with Hubie to find the culprit and the missing townsfolk. 

Between solving the mystery and keeping an eye on suspicious teenagers, Hubie encounters recently escaped mental patients, Richie Hartman (Rob Schneider) and Walter Lambert (Steve Buscemi).

A series of childhood bullies are featured who torment Hubie or “Pubie” as they nicknamed him throughout the film, including Mike Mundie (Karan Brar), a tedious teenage coworker to Hubie, and Mary, Lester Hennessey (Maya Rudolph), and (Tim Meadows), who were his bullies since highschool. 

The film is centered around a Sandler-like theme of being the underdog and rising from the bottom. Where in the end, there’s no doubt he beats the bad guy, gets the girl, and even creates change within the town. 

Though somewhat predictable, all can be forgiven with the humorous puns and intriguing yet erratic characters. With Sandler playing Hubie, a very humble man who still lives with his mom and has an amazing nifty thermos, you can’t help but be appreciative of a less basic character. 

Moving on, the movie also presents multiple strong, positive messages about foster care, anti-bullying, and the importance of persevering and understanding someone’s struggles. 

Hubie’s mom (June Squibb) even makes sure to note, “True bravery is being kind. Even to those who are being cruel to you.”

If you’ve been a fan of Adam Sandler’s movies for a while, one enjoyable feature of this movie is all of the references to past films. Starting right off the bat is a reference to Happy Gilmore with Ben Stiller reliving his role as a retirement-turned psychiatric employee. 

Sandler also makes sure to bring back The Waterboy with the pee-stained sheet in the movie and the O’Doyle family from Billy Madison when some of the trick-or-treaters yell, “O’Doyle rules!” Kevin James playing a cop in the movie is also no coincidence.

With so many of Sandlers’ buddies making comebacks in his film, it’s almost like a high school reunion. It’s exciting to see past calibrators from Happy Gilmore and Paul Blart: Mall Cop reuniting having aged a little with new funny remarks and grown-out facial hair. 

Hubie Halloween really gets you into the Halloween spirit. Throughout the movie, you get the pleasure of seeing all types of Halloween activities from kids crowding the streets dressed up in an array of costumes to frightening haunted houses. 

Perhaps the most special aspect of the film is the authentic feeling that brings you back to the Halloween nights where you dump your bucket of candy out on the floor and offer candy trades to your siblings or friends. 

Between the dad jokes and Sandler’s unique interpretations, and whether you ended the movie wondering what you just watched or not, you really can’t help but smile. 

Overall Adam Sandler hits the spot with Hubie Halloween, having created a goofy story that captivates the young and old alike. So if you need something to watch during your October festivities,  Hubie Halloween might just be the whirlwind of a story you’re looking for.