Tarshis as the New Girls’ Tennis Coach

Spring is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, and this spring there is a new face on the girls’ tennis team. This season, vice principal, Mr. Tarshis, has taken over the role of Girls’ Head Tennis Coach along with assistant coaches Sue Lawton and Dani Phillis.

   Last year Dani Phyllis, Sue Lawton, and Vivian Edwards all acted as coaches,  leading practice based on who was available. However this year, Edwards and Phillis have not been coaching as frequently due to unforeseen circumstances, so Tarshis stepped up to be a full time coach.

“I was brought to Durango from Denver for this assistant principal job here at DHS,” said Darren Tarshis. Tarshis has worked at DHS for three years, and this year decided to fill the role of head tennis coach. Tarshis has been playing tennis since he was in elementary school and he really enjoys it. He brings a new perspective to the tennis team and now has the opportunity to teach techniques and skills to the players.

“I wanted to become the new head coach because tennis is something I love and I wanted a way to get more involved with the school and students,” said Tarshis. Tarshis hopes to give the tennis team new skills and help them succeed. One struggle for the tennis team this year Tarshis predicts will be the ability for players to balance schoolwork and practice on top of other commitments in their lives, which he hopes he can help with as a part of being a supportive coach. The main goal the team hopes to achieve this year is placing at regionals with all the players present and competing.

“I started coaching tennis 4 years ago when Weisfeldt decided to stop coaching. Knowing that I am moving next year, it works out great to have Mr. Tarshis as the new head coach. He has taken the lead, making it possible for me to spend more time on things I need to focus on with a move in the near future,” said assistant coach Sue Lawton. Lawton first became a coach by default when Mr. Weisfeldt ended his coaching and he needed someone, she was available and has done an amazing job since then. She has been able to let Tarshis take the lead this year which has given her more free time to do other necessary things.

   “He has a laid back approach and encourages consistency and positivity. He has created a longer warm-up that we do every day at practice and before a match that gives the essence of a strong team,” said Jr. Laura Clark about new coach Mr. Tarshis.

Clark has been playing tennis since she was a child and joined the tennis team here during her sophomore year. Her goals for this season are to go to state again and play to the best of abilities. She noted that he has worked hard to improve all the players’ abilities and help get them grow as competitors,  which will benefit the whole team.

   “He has been an awesome head coach and asset to the team and I feel like personally, I have improved a lot from last season already,” said Jr. Anna Fenberg. Fenberg also joined the tennis team Sophomore year, and this year is her first time playing on varsity. She said being on varsity is more work but Tarshis has helped her a lot to improve and adjust to the abundance of games, traveling, and hard competition.

   High school sports are a great way to get involved in your school and meet new people. Tashis has stepped up this year in getting involved with the students as being a tennis coach, tennis being one of the many fun sports offered here at DHS. This year the girls’ tennis team has set many goals for themselves that they will strive to achieve in all of their competitions this 2019 season.  

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