Boy’s Baseball Spotlight

By Abbey Hunt, Reporter

The Durango Demons Boy’s Baseball Team is seeing the season out right with their team spirit, dedication, and athleticism on the field.  They continue to strive to do their best work while the season continues.

So. Gage Mestas puts all his time and effort into improving on his game. “I’ve been playing baseball since I was three,” he says. “What I love most about the sport is playing with my friends and representing Durango.” After playing for so long, Gage knows what’s his strengths are as an individual and as a team and what’s most important.

“The most important thing to me about baseball is getting better and striving to do my best, and also following my brother’s footsteps. As for team strengths, we’re really positive and we love to compete. We’re motivated to do better game by game and we encourage each other. Teamwork also affects the the whole game because whether or not we execute determines if we win or lose, ” said G. Mestas

Fr. Cass Maloney is passionate about the sport and loves to show it. “I’ve been playing baseball since first grade,” he says. “I love the mental part of the game and how keeping a short memory can help you so much. If you make a mistake, you can just forget about it and move on, ” he said.

Although one’s performances independently is important, it isn’t the only thing that makes or breaks the game. “Teamwork and chemistry affects the game because if the team isn’t on the same page, nothing will work out and everything will fall to pieces,” said Maloney, “I think our biggest strength is chemistry because we all love the game and we’re all really good friends who enjoy every second on the baseball field together.” So. Niko Mestas enjoys being a part of the varsity team as well. He enjoys both aspects of the game itself and the people he plays with.

“I’ve been playing for twelve years already. I love how competitive the sport is, it gives us players adrenaline that helps us be energized throughout the game, and I like playing outdoors,” said N. Mestas. Obviously, no baseball team is perfect, and humble players recognize their weaknesses to improve.

“I think we could work on communication with our team. As an individual, I could work on my mechanics and hitting and pitching and things like that,” said N. Mestas. Baseball is not just a sport to play and win, it has importance to players; behind every game is a the true meaning of playing.

“The most important thing in baseball to me is winning. Teamwork is most important to me. I think it’s more vital that my individual performance because there’s no I in team. I’m planning on playing the rest of my high school years and in college.” The nervous feeling of playing a game balances out with the excitement and adrenaline rush of doing good and impressing everyone watching. “I get most excited about beating higher rank teams. That shows how we’re good.” said N. Mestas, “I do get nervous a lot of times when we play really good teams because we have a chance of getting beat.” No matter his team’s performance, Head coach Eric Baker values his team from their hard work to their ways of working together.

“I grew up with baseball, and I like sharing it with young players. It’s also fun to be around players who are enthusiastic and dedicated to the game” said Baker.

When it comes to coaching, Baker has his experience. “I’ve been coaching here for 15 years, and five years as head coach. With all high school athletics and baseball in particular, teaching young men to overcome loss and failure is the most important thing to me about coaching. Players may also put in lots of work and practice, but when things fall short they still gotta get up,” said Baker. With several years of coaching comes experience, wisdom, and knowledge about the game, Baker knows how to teach players about working as a team and as an individual.

“Baseball is a beautiful sport that combines different actions, and it’s a team sport, but it’s also an individual effort. Players are out on their own a lot of the times for batting and stuff like that, and that’s what I love about it. Individual performance matters. It’s a team sport, you can’t control who the ball goes to or who’s on the plate, so you have to count on on the team. You play and perform better with more confidence when the whole team works together,” said Baker.

Recognizing weaknesses and working hard to improve them is the most important part of practicing.  “I would say our biggest strength is athleticism. We have a lot of kids who are athletic and dedicated. I would say out team could improve on competitiveness. They have to learn how to compete when the game doesn’t go your way and figure out how to fight through the other team to maintain composure and confidence, ” said Baker

As for this year’s Boys Baseball Team’s status, they have 8 wins and 11 losses. They continue to flaunt their hard work through their play as the season continues.

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