Keep America Great!

Jack Breezley, Reporter

A recent study by the Bureau of Labour Statistics shows that unemployment has dropped to a half-century record low. This low is at 3.7%, and is exactly at the two year anniversary of President Trump’s time in the White House.

Republicans long sought to retake the White House after former President Obama’s eight years there, and with Trump in the Oval Office now, Republicans can take their turn to help create a greater good for the citizens of the United States. In the two years Trump has been in office, many beneficial plans for the American people have been put in play, making Trump one of the greatest U.S. presidents.

Unemployment has dropped by a whopping 1.2% since Trump has taken office. As a result over 4.7 million jobs have been added to our economy, 143,000 between September 1st and October 1st in 2018 and a bonus 308,000 since the New Year began. The unemployment doesn’t stop there, however.

African Americans benefited greatly from this record low unemployment. Black unemployment fell to a record low of 5.9% in  October of 2018, suggested by the Bureau of Labour Statistics. So how did all of this occur?

While Trump has been in office, his plans, including tariffs on China, have vastly created a tougher and stronger economy. These economic plans, and not to mention tax cuts and Nato taxes, have allowed businesses to earn more, and open more job opportunities.

President Trump is averaging 206,000 new jobs a month, a huge step up on former President Obama’s measly 130,000 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Hourly wages have gone up to, a result of the Chinese tariffs.

These tariffs, or taxes on imported Chinese goods, allow the U.S. to earn more money off of trade, which greatly benefits our economy. One benefit of these tariffs is the increase in average hourly wages. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, average hourly earnings for private sectors of jobs are at $27.56, up an outstanding 3.2% in the last year alone.

Labour force participation has also made an incredible recovery from historic lows during the Obama Presidency. People working between the ages of 24 and 54 has jumped nearly 2% since the end of the Obama Administration.

Because of this economic growth, Baby Boomers have been able to retire in huge numbers, and with more financial stability. Along with tariffs, one more reason the economy is booming is because of our NATO tax. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is an alliance between some European and North American countries. All of the countries involved, such as Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and France have to pay taxes that go towards NATO causes.