Overview of Trump presidency so far

By: Austin Swan

While mainstream popular left-wing agenda plagued news outlets such as NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and many more attempt to convince the general public that the Trump presidency has been a complete disaster since day one, it has been a busy two years for the president, and he’s accomplished a fairly large amount.

In just the first two years of his presidency, Trump has moved the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, passed tax cuts, pulled our country out of the non-binding Paris Accords, pulled out of the Iran Deal, and dropped the unemployment rate to record lows.

The moving of our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is something many presidents have stated as a goal, but none before Trump were willing to be bold because it was right.

His smaller achievements include the two supreme court picks, putting pressure on the countries involved in NATO that weren’t paying to support the organization, picking Nikki Haley to be our UN ambassador, pulling troops out of Syria and targeting unfair and unethical applications of affirmative action in the college application process.

Not everything Trump has done was good, it is important to not only reflect on his accomplishments but also on the hiccups of the administration.

So far, Trump has shown no desire to pursue bipartisanship, maligned the intelligence agencies as well as many of our other institutions, said many things that have not manifested into action in any way whatsoever, and worst of all tweeted relentlessly.

Although his achievements are by all historical standards newsworthy, Trump managed to always draw the news stories off of his actions, and onto his tweets. If Trump was capable of staying off twitter, the media wouldn’t be able to avoid covering his accomplishments.

Unfortunately, this president loves tweeting and loves attempting to “troll” the mainstream media, which allows them to focus solely on his tweets.

The majority of Trump’s presidency was accompanied by a thriving economy,

but December was a bad month for the stock market.

The midterm elections went poorly for the Republican party, but midterm elections almost always favor the party, not in control of the presidency.

Democrats took control of the house with a 36 seat majority, but the Republicans maintained the Senate with a 5 seat majority.

Trump finished out 2018 weak with a measly 39% approval rating according to Gallup. The president’s approval rating bounced around between the mid 30’s and mid-’40s throughout these first two years.

While 39% is far below the average approval rating of presidents at the end of their second year in office, most Republicans are content with it, understanding that Trump is a polarizing figure.

Overall, if you look past the rhetoric, and look towards his actions, these past two years have been good for the Trump administration. I’d say about a 7/10.