Underclassmen have Talent? An insider’s look at the Underclassman Showcase.


By Gwen Stoddard

The Underclassmen Showcase is an assortment of short plays put on by Durango High School Troupe 1096. They are directed by Juniors and Seniors and cast with Freshmen and Sophomores at DHS. Some plays are purchased by the upperclassmen from different playwriting companies, and some are written by the students. The performances will begin in late January.



Directed and written by Sophie Hughes and co-director Luke Nicholson, Stage Manager: Lily Sturm- This  play is about a group of high school kids in a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance club). It includes a series of vignettes about LGBTQ experiences.


  1. Wake up call

Directed by Tierney and Haley Szczech- “Wake up Call” is about a kid who thinks that he is in a dream, but keeps waking up in another dream.


  1. Roses

Written and Directed by Colson Parker and Nathan Parker- The play “Roses” is about the story of a girl who for every birthday receives a rose from her mother. As her mother develops a sickness, she comes to realize the importance of love and her mother. All of the mother’s lines are in poetry, so the play becomes very artistic and  poetic.


  1. 10 Ways to  Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Directed by Dylan Baken and Maggie Bachman, Stage Manager: Lola Thomas- This show is a comedy that will be sure to keep you laughing. It is about a group of kids who are experimenting with different ways to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.


  1. Lockdown

Directed by Siena Widen and Stella Potemkin- “Lockdown” takes place in a modern-day  high school as a group of kids sit in fear during a lockdown that lasts for several hours. The catch is that the entire time they are not sure if it is a real threat or not.


  1. Tracks

Directed by Carter Marshall the Stage Manager is Shelby with assistant Stage Manager Zayla- A group of random strangers suddenly appear in a subway platform, and it is definitely not Platform 9 ¾ . The story follows their story as they realize they are all dead and have no way of getting out other than boarding a train that will either take them to Heaven or Hell.  


  1. Help Me

Directed and written by Lana Patterson, with Samantha Udero as Stage Manager- This play follows the story of a group of college freshman that decide to go on a trip to a cabin in the woods that they have been visiting since they were kids. It is discovered that one of them ends up being a serial killer, the only choice they all have is to figure out who it is before everyone is dead.

Director Sr. Lana Patterson expresses her excitement about the upcoming play,

“I started writing this play when I was a freshman in high school and I’ve been working with it since then with my father. I’m really excited to showcase these young actors and their talents, and it doesn’t hurt that is shows off my writing skills!” said Patterson.


  1. Thats a Wrap

Written and directed by Ron Ortiz- This play is about a cast of people that are working on a movie, and in the middle of the production, a new director is hired that does not agree with the rest of the cast on anything. Will the movie be produced in time?!