Life of a Sports fan: Are you (cross) fit enough?

Fall sports seasons have come to an end, and the cold wintery days are passing by slowly. For those of you who are bored with no sport to participate in and getting in shape is important to you, then I suggest you try out crossfit. Crossfit is a really effective, fast way to become fit. It involves a variety of fast paced movements in a timed work out setting.

In Durango, Crossfit Catacombs is a locally owned crossfit center whose employees welcome every individual with open arms. This winter, some people from the track team have taken advantage of their program, and the results are already quite impressive. Young athletes are ready to become the strongest they can be for their next season of sports.

Off-season training may not always seem very important because you get in shape while in season, however, going into your season already  in shape is extremely beneficial because you aren’t wasting any time. I myself have struggled with motivating myself to begin working out with no structure and because of this I have come into many cross-country and track seasons unprepared.

Structure is crucial for a lot of individuals who can’t find the strength to workout on their own, and crossfit provides that. Everyday you go in, a workout is pre planned for you by the outstanding coaches and they plan it based on what you need to be most successful in the season you are training for. The workouts in crossfit are endurance based while adding in some weight lifting. Many times the work outs are designed as AMRAPS (As Many Rounds As Possible), where you are given different workout activities to do in a round, and when you are finished you keep going until the time runs out.

The idea behind this is to build your endurance while still getting stronger with the activities given. On top of that, athletes get to learn great form for lifting weights, and figure out what helps them each get stronger as individuals. As an extra incentive, it’s always a lot of fun with music and the encouragement from the coaches.

I get it, working out really is never fun until after you’re finished but crossfit truly does make it worth it. It’ll allow you to be around people on the same journey and you will become stronger because of it. That’s a promise. Consistency is key.