Boy’s Wrestling: stomping the competition

The DHS wrestling team is ready to tackle this years season with strong goals and ambitions.

“The team is getting in good wrestling shape, I look forward to this season being a good one” said Marc Cuenca, head coach of the wrestling team.

Sr. Pablo Smagacz has been wrestling since his freshman year and continues to have a love for the sport.

“Wrestling is almost like an escape for me, a way to take my mind off things” said Smagacz.

While Smagacz has been wrestling for the high school for some time, this year the team adds some new members showing great potential, including freshman Ben Belt.

“I have been wrestling since 6th grade, but highschool is a whole new experience. At first I was really intimidated by the older wrestlers but we have really bonded by working hard together and I can feel myself improving everyday with hard work. I think my first season here is going to be a successful one for me and the team,” said Belt.

Smagacz has been a top wrestler for a while, successfully winning many of his matches. This year he plans to continue working hard but has also set personal goals on being a leader for the new members of the team.

“I’ve always tried to be an example for the rest of my team, whether it’s winning matches by hard work or helping them in study hall I always try my best to make it a good team environment. Since it’s my senior year I really want to focus on the team aspect, being successful as a team and not just individuals,” said Smagacz.

This ambitious senior is not the only one wanting to focus on being a team, win or lose. Head coach Marc Cuenca is already working hard at team bonding and a positive atmosphere, despite it being a more individual sport.

“In the past the team has sort of been just a bunch of wrestlers doing their own thing, and I think that it’s a bit challenging to have a really good team atmosphere when everyone is in their own world. But this year I really want the team to learn how to be successful with each other and not just by themselves,” said Cuenca

In order to be successful the team has to get ready for the competition headed their way. During the offseason they have been keeping busy in the weight rooms, preparing for their first matches.

“The way I see it wrestling is all about the effort and time you are willing to put into it” said Smagacz.

Even though the team strives for success, it isn’t always all about winning. The team is able to find fun and enjoy the season win or lose.

“The most enjoyable thing about wrestling for me is being with the team, even though I just met them this year and I’m new to the program it already feels like a family to me and I just couldn’t be more excited,” said Belt.

Belt isn’t the only one who enjoys the sport for more than just winning, Cuenca has his own reasons for excitement about the upcoming season.

“I think the best thing about the season and what I look forward to most is getting the opportunity to watch the team grow, and really get to know them on a personal level, during wrestling and out of it. Wrestling tends to be more of a smaller team sport so I really get that quality one on one time with the athletes,” said Cuenca.

The team can’t wait to kick off the season with high hopes and a diligent mindset. They plan to have one of the best seasons yet, succeeding competitively and team-wise.