Girl’s Swim Makes a Splash

The 2018-2019 girls swim team is off to a great start this season, working very hard, putting effort into all practices, and already making the podium at different meets.

“There’s a lot of passion, strength, and commitment on the team for the 2018-2019 season,” said Jr. Kaitlyn Ashburn, who has been a part of the DHS swim team for three years.

Sr. Riley Mata, who is one of the captains of the team and who has competed  since freshman year, is eager to start the season and is confident in this year’s team.

“All in all, I feel like it is a very well-rounded and optimistic team,” said Mata.

Head coach, Tom Joyner, is very proud how the team has been faring this year,

Every one of our athletes has done well so far. If we continue our hard work with practice and technique, I know we will continue to do well,” said Joyner. He is excited for the season and believes that with hard work and dedication, every member on the team can accomplish a lot.

So far, the team has gone to three meets, and every time they have reached the podium, getting rewarded for their hard work and dedication during practice.

The team’s first meet was in Delta, CO on November 30th, where they placed second out of six teams who competed there. Their next meet was on December 1st in Grand Junction, CO, where they placed third out of ten teams.

Up next was a home meet, where they competed at the Rec Center against Pagosa. They finished strong, and placed first out of the two.

There are many goals that Joyner has for the team, along with some for each individual, one of them of course being able to qualify and compete at the state level.  “My main goal is for all of the swimmers and divers to feel part of something bigger and to have everyone feel they have something to contribute,” said Joyner.

Members on the team not only have personal goals for the rest of the season, but have broad goals for the whole team.

“I really hope that we are in the top five for the Colorado State Championship meet in Fort Collins, CO,” said Mata. However, the most important goal for the members is to have fun, work hard, and do their best in every meet.

“Personally, at the beginning of the season I made a team goal for not only myself but the other girls, to just have fun with it and not get too much in your head. Swimming is a very mental sport and you can’t over think it or else it’s very easy to get overwhelmed,” said Mata. Older members of the DHS swim team are also excited for the new season and are eager to welcome new “guppies” to the team.

“I do feel like we have a strong and confident team this year. I am so happy with all the girls who came out and tried the sport just to try something new,” said Mata. New members of the team are thrilled to be a part of the team, learning new skills and making new friends.

“I love being a part of the swim team. I feel like with a smaller team you can really connect with everyone. When I first joined swim everyone including the captains and upper classmen where extremely nice,” said So. Natalie DeBelina, who is new to the team.

Overall, this has been a great start to the 2018-2019 swim season, with the members taking top spots at meets and strong relationships being made. “I hope to see the team continue you to bond together, support each other, and continue pushing ourselves towards greatness,” said Ashburn.

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