Boy’s Basketball: ringing in a new season

The DHS boys basketball team unfortunately did not fulfill their hope of making it to the playoffs last year. However, the Demons will not let one rocky season define who they are as a team. Instead, they will define themselves based on how they come back and fight. The team has started a new chapter with different goals, and expect to have a successful 2018-19 season.

The boys put in a lot of work during the off season in order to be ready for the season as soon as it started. The team worked out in the weight room and did cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday the team worked on skills like shooting and dribbling.

“Offseason is always kind of hard because for one, we’re all usually out of shape, and two because everyone just wants to get on the court and start the season. But I think we did a really good job this year of staying focused,” said Sr. Cullen Robinette.

Robinette is a captain this year along with Sr. Al Hurworth and Sr. Lance Kemp. All three boys have played basketball as long as they can remember and are ready to leave their mark this season.

“It feels good to finally be a senior. It comes with a lot more responsibility and I hold myself to higher standard. I want to be an example to the younger kids so I try my best to be a leader,” said Kemp.

Basketball is more than just a sport at DHS. It brings students together, prepares kids for the future, and most importantly, teaches kids life skills they will remember forever.

“Basketball has taught me self discipline. It’s also taught me how to push myself and work towards a goal. I never really give up on anything because basketball taught me to never stop. Always drive and push until you reach your goal,” said Hurworth.

Late nights, early mornings, strenuous training and continuous hard work are just some of the things that have gone into the basketball season so far. Every player on the team has so much passion for the sport and benefits from it not only physically, but also mentally.

“Basketball is like an escape for me. Every time I’m super stressed about things like getting into college or social stuff, I just go hoop. It takes my mind off everything. That’s honestly one of the main reasons I play basketball,” said Robinette.  

Last year the team went 4 and 18. The boys are not looking to repeat last year. They are eager to open a new chapter and start fresh. One of their main goals is to play as a team and work use each other to be successful.

“Our goal is to work on our character. We lost a lot of games last year and I think that sometimes had to do with our ego. We don’t want to play as 5 individual players, we want to play as one team,” said head coach Alan Batiste.

Batiste seems to have a lot of faith in this years team. He has been coaching for seven years and is looked up to by all of his players. In past seasons, the Demons main competition has been Fruita Monument, but this year things may change.

“Our league games are always tough because all the players know each other pretty well. I don’t think we have a specific team that is going to be a challenge. All the teams we play are going to be hard in their own way,” said Batiste.

The Demons have a fresh and surprising face to the team. As only a freshman, Anthony Flint made varsity and has been in the starting lineup for all the games so far. In a recent game, Flint led the demons to a victory against Montrose with 20 points, 6 of them being three pointers. Flint has played basketball since elementary school and absolutely loves it.

“When I tried out for the team I was really hoping to be put on varsity but I didn’t think it was going to happen. When I found out I did actually make it, I was stoked,” said Flint.

The Demons have a pretty wide variety of ages on the team. This could potentially make it hard to have chemistry on the court. According to players this is not the case.

“Everyone on the team is super fun. They were all really welcoming when I joined and I love hanging out with them. I don’t think the age difference limits us from playing our best at all,” Flint said.

Each individual person on the basketball team has a lot of talent. One player can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one player cannot make a team. The Demons are all working toward a common goal this year; making it to the playoffs in late February. They are ready to focus and work hard to achieve this goal.

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