Girl’s Basketball: push it to the limit

Girls Basketball season has begun and everyone is looking forward to the outcome of the season. Now more than ever, the team is ready to take on the challenge of a new season with the support of their fans.

As they gear up for a long season, everyone involved is looking forward to the new talent and the development of the team as a whole.

Sr. Emma Hackett has been playing basketball since sixth grade and is optimistic about the season.

“I am looking forward to this season because I feel like our team has so much potential and we all know each other so well and how we play that we can hopefully come together and be really successful this year,” said Hackett. Growth of the team’s skill appeared multiple times in the players’ agendas for this year.

So. Maddy McManus, a varsity player, shares Hackett’s enthusiasm for the overall betterment of the team. “For our team, since it’s a growing year, we need to step out of our comfort zones and really try to do the best that we can. Right now our mentality is to leave it all out there and take risks” said McManus, expressing some of the ways the team can enhance their game.

She explains that though they lost some very valuable players after last season, it has given the rest of the team an incentive to step up, fill the roles of leadership that have been vacated, and learn to work together as a team in a new way. Because they no longer have a single teammate that they can rely on to make the basket every time, they are adapting to being able to rely on themselves.

“They are working really hard. they are progressing and improving and they seem really connected,” said Coach Fitzpatrick. The girls head basketball coach describes the dynamics of the team and how they are very close as a team, as they are striving to work as cohesively as possible.

“What I like about my team is that no matter the outcome of the game, we always stay positive and lift each other up,” said So. Ana Cuntz. Cuntz plays on both varsity and JV and stresses the importance of the teams connectedness for success. Already the varsity has accomplished a win in the Aztec tournament over winter break.

The leadership provided by both by coaches and this year’s seniors has a significant impact on the players’ attitudes and performance as well. Although Coach Fitz has been coaching other sports even longer, he explains why he is drawn to coaching girls basketball.

“I really appreciate how coachable they are and their strong work ethic. Girls are tough, ” said Fitzpatrick. His experience and passion for coaching the sport has had influence on the team and brings out the best in the players, especially seniors who lead the team.

“My role this year as a senior is to hold everyone accountable and be a leader on and off the court. All the seniors really do a good job at this,” said Hackett. If anyone can help the team reach their goals to improve, it will be their peers and role models on the team who can inspire them.  

“We plan to compete hard in every game. We don’t really talk about wins and losses, we just concentrate on ourselves at least in early season,” said Coach Fitzpatrick. He emphasizes the importance of the team’s self improvement over the course of the season. However, in the end , the team hopes that all their hard work will pay off and help them compete at their best in league championships.

“Our ultimate goal is to win the league championships and qualify for the state tournament,” said McManus. While the overall goal for the teams performance is clear, Coach Fitz presents his primary expectation of the season.

“I predict that the girls will play hard and that they will give each other their best effort. We really believe in this team and its exciting to see where we can go. We haven’t even reached our full potential yet,” said Fitz.

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