A Comic-Con Snowdown!


Ready to represent your favorite comic, movie, or sci-fi fandom at this year’s Comic-Con Snowdown? Here’s a look at this years agenda for the annual Durango event that gets people outside, and involved with their community in the winter season.

This year Durango will be hosting a Comic-Con Snowdown. A Comic-Con is an event that focuses on comic book stories and is also known as a popular sci-fi convention. This means that this year we will be seeing costumes ranging from superheroes to time travellers to the greatest villains in the comic book world.  

Jr. Grace Meyer is looking forward to this years’ Snowdown festivities, and especially to celebrate the theme. She explains that the theme is one of the easier ones for high schoolers to be involved with and is creating more enthusiasm in students.

“I’m a big marvel fan so I’m excited to see everyone dressed up,” said Meyer.

Along with a new theme that has locals excited, several new events are scheduled for the snow down week as well as the return of others. Chip Lile, president of the snowdown planning board, provides insight on some of these special events.

“There are the bed races this year, which aren’t new, but they haven’t been done in many years so we’re reviving those,” said Lile. He explains that Tracy Barnes, an alumni of Durango High School, will be in charge of coordinating the bed races which is a race down main using rolling beds as a vehicle of transportation.

Additionally, the Follies and Kids Follies, which have always been a popular event during the week, will be changing as well. Emily Simpson, the coordinator of the kids follies, has created a completely separate follies for teenagers.

“It will be just teenagers so it should be much better. The teens will have time between school and there will be less chaos onstage and backstage,” said Simpson.

She is hoping this will make the Follies more enjoyable for everyone. It will be more entertaining for the age group it involves so high schoolers will be more likely to watch the teen follies because their peers are involved.

“The Kids Follies are important to Durango  in general because it brings together all different kids from all differents schools to make one big fun show,” said Simpson.

However, the Follies are only one of the many snowdown events that locals enjoy every year.

“This year there are 150 events!” said Lile, and there are several events that stand out. He mentions that he enjoys the lip sync battle, the golf tournament, along with the parade and the follies. Others express similar views.

“I go to the parade every year. That’s probably one of my favorite events,” said Meyer.

Meyer explains that although she is not old enough to participate in some of the events, she really appreciates seeing everyone involved in their community in a positive way.

Snowdown is one of the most popular events in Durango and it’s goal as stated on the website is to “bring enterprise to the land and raise up the people in their time of need.” In other words, Snowdown is a winter celebration to put community members back into high spirits, boost business in Durango, and bring the community together.

“I like taking part in the snowdown planning because it’s great community service and it does alot for the entire community,” said Lile. It is such a big event because it involves people from all different crowds despite the theme, age,  or if you are local or a tourist. It brings together people in a very unique way, including several opportunities for high schoolers to get involved.

“It would be really cool to see just our high school getting involved and representing DHS in our community,” said Meyer.

Simpson expresses similar views and encourages high schoolers to come support their friends in the follies.

“This is a community event and we want everyone to come together and just have

fun!” said Simpson.