Winter Week: Celebrating Snowdown at DHS


The upcoming 2019 Winter Week, filled with exciting activities surrounding Winter Formal, will be a great kickstarter into the New Year and a great way to get DHS pumped for the second semester. Winter week will be a winter themed spirit week for the New Year. The events occuring during winter week will include intramural sports events, DHS Rocks, and at the end of the week, the annual Winter Formal dance.

“Winter formal this year will be on February 2 with the week before filled with fun activity filled days leading up to it,” said Jr. Kaylan Wait.

There have been many polls and questions asked to all the DHS students to decide the dress up days of the week, and some results were pajama day, meme day, twin day, and since the snowdown theme this year is comic con, that will also be a theme. All activities will be based off winter and snow and so will the theme of the Winter Formal dance.   

“There will be a potential rail jam on February 15th at Chapman Hill, this will mix up the usual volleyball and dodgeball games to something new and will be perfect for winter week.” said Kaylan.

The intramural game for this years winter week will be on Wednesday  which will be girls playing boy sports and boys playing girl sports. The intramural sports events will be either on Wednesday or throughout the week and will be either volleyball, dodgeball, map ball, etc.  The rail jam will be the first ever ski event hosted by DHS at Chapman Hill.

“Winter Formal is a mid-year dance to bridge homecoming and prom together,” said Dale Garland, the advisor of student council.

Winter week acts as a re-energizer for second semester after students are drained from finals week. It acts as a more scaled down homecoming week still full of fun events, but with a winter theme. For the Winter Formal dance, student council will nominate upperclassmen and underclassmen royalty. It will be a held at the Double Tree hotel with winter themed decorations.

“There are various committees in student council, including the Winter Formal committee, DHS Rocks committee, and Winter Week committee” said So. Jade Pruett.

DHS Rocks is a fun way to engage the students with partaking in school activities and functions. Any student is offered the opportunity to perform their hidden talents and perform it in front of the whole school.

These committees are designed to make teams that focus on specific events of this special week. Student council is excited for this winter week since they haven’t happened or have not been successful every year, this one is well planned out, will have lots of fun events, and an amazing Winter Formal dance.