The Ultimate Guide to Tea for HS students


Stevi Cameron, Reporter

By: Stevi Cameron

Eat, sleep, school, and homework is often the routine high schoolers face today, yet along with these essentials in daily life is something more important than expected – tea. Let’s be honest, most high school students are not avid tea drinkers, but there are many reasons as to why they should be.

Passionate tea drinkers have discovered the effects of tea on their attitudes, thinking, and energy levels as well. A fellow tea drinker, Jr. Tori Brunvand drinks tea every day and enjoys its health advantages.

“Tea makes my heart feel full! I am a whole lot more enjoyable when I am full of tea! I also feel recharged and hydrated,” said Brunvand.

Some teas can open your mind and make you feel more positive, while also providing one with sustained energy throughout the day. This could be especially beneficial on a school day.

“I think of tea as a great part of a healthy lifestyle…When you fuel your body well, your mind is able to function at its highest potential,” said Teri Kopak, who teaches at DHS and is known to drink tea on a regular basis. Incorporating tea into your day could be beneficial due to its healthy properties.

Tea has many benefits both physically and mentally. Sr. Campbell Brown works at the Old Barrel Tea company, a local tea shop in downtown Durango,  and explains how herbal teas have many medicinal benefits.

“Tea is always a great way for people to get energy and vitamins easily and conveniently,” said Brown.

Different herbs in teas can benefit a specific part of your body. For example, elderberries provide support for the immune system, while barberry root and fennel are good for digestion and drinking stinging nettle root tea can help to fight allergies.

Deb Swanson, the owner of Dancing Willow Herbs of Durango and mother of a high school student, explains how drinking a cup of tea can help to reduce the stress high school students are under by relieving anxiety and clearing the mind. This can include easing stomach aches, scratchy throats, and hormones that plague high schoolers’ daily lives.

“As high school students, you are asked to juggle so much and one cup of tea can help to center you, just by holding something warm in the center of your body,” said Swanson.

She recommends her Bright Mind tea because the herbs it contains are good for digestion, circulation to the brain, and it provides sustained energy by feeding the adrenal glands, which create adrenalin energy in the body.

Many exhausted teenagers choose to drink coffee in the mornings but some believe that tea is a better alternative.

“I do drink coffee on occasion, but I would rather drink tea in the morning because the kind I drink contains less caffeine, but can still make you feel energized,” said Brunvand.

Tea has much less caffeine and therefore creates less stress on the adrenal glands. The more a person burns their adrenal glands out, the more work it takes for their body to create adrenalin, according to Swanson.

More importantly, caffeinated teas have many health perks, as shown by green tea.

“Some of its qualities include lower risk of cancer, improved brain function, powerful antioxidants, and lower risk of obesity,” said Brown. Green tea specifically helps with healing and making sure the body functions properly.

Many teas have these health benefits as well, all the more reason for high schoolers to drink tea.

“Tea has been used cross-culturally to help people focus,” said Swanson,  “A lot of inspiration has happened over a cup of tea.”