9 to 5 Review/Follow up

“Well we’re going back to 1979, when a gallon of gas ran you about 86 cents, shag rugs, pet rocks and disco were the hottest things around and it seemed like your whole life existed between the hours of 9 to 5,” said Dolly Parton. Troupe 1096 has done it yet again, combining heart, comedy and progressiveness into amazing sets of acting and perfectly curated songs. Based on the 1980 film starring Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the troupe has tackled this heartfelt comedy musical with three women trying to break through the glass ceiling and reach the top of their company’s ladder by getting rid of their “sexist egotistical bigot boss.”

After announcing the troupe would be premiering 9 to 5 in August of 2018, they have been preparing for the large show – with over 50 cast members – ever since. Senior Risa Whitehead, the show’s stage manager, comments on the readiness of the cast and crew the day before opening night.

“Honestly I hope that it goes perfectly, as anyone would, but knowing live theater there are things that can go wrong, so I’m okay if something goes wrong, as long as we’re able to figure it out on the fly. But I think everyone is definitely ready, especially the actors, they have been working so hard for a really long time, there are a few tech things that we are going to be working on that night though, but we are ready,” said Sr. Risa Whitehead.

After seeing the play in full action opening night, the actors displayed exactly what had been promised as well as spot on casting for characters. Jr. Izzy Herringer comments on her role and how she shares some personality traits with her character.  

“The character I play is Roz and she’s like this quirky office worker who likes to antagonize with the protagonists, and I would say I have a lot of quirky things about my personality as well, so I really can find a way to connect with her,” said Herringer.

The comments on her character do not do it justice, Herringer delivers an excellent performance displaying what it truly means to connect with a character and bring it to life right before an audience’s eyes, giving us a few laughs while she’s at it.

As the lights went down and the cast finished their well deserved bowing, the tech crews behind the curtains could be rest assured that they, as well, helped bring this show to life. Jr. Caitlyn Steiner comments on how she thought the show went, as well as what they could improve on.  

“It was definitely one of the more challenging ASM positions that I’ve had, but I think it went well overall, Risa is an amazing stage manager. The next show I would want to focus more on tech because tech is self directed. Mattson doesn’t really help us, so there’s a lot of independence when it comes to that, but it’s fun because its student led,” said Steiner.

According to some actors involved in the show, they had doubts about the overall plot of the play, but once the hard work was finally put into action they couldn’t help but love the final product. Jr. Mckenzie Belt, who plays Doralee, notes on her first reaction to the show and how she came to love it.

“After it was announced that we would be doing 9 to 5 I went straight home and watched the movie, as well as the musical and I was like really, but it ended up exceeding my expectations, I loved it,” said Belt.

Although the show had such a large cast and crew, the director as well as all the students involved in the show were able to balance it all with great songs and choreography. But what truly sent it over the top was it’s phenomenal acting and its ability to truly connect with the characters. Troupe 1096 has definitely done it again. 9 to 5 will close on the 16th so get out there and see this great show!