Democrats should stop their push toward socialism

`The democrat’s push toward socialism is the opposite direction they should be headed in if they plan to make changes.

  • Democratic socialism, though utopian in theory, is unrealistic and ineffective
  • Capitalism is good
  • The middle class won Trump the election, democrats should not dismiss them as deplorable
  • Communism, instead of being seen as some radical idea, is being praised by left wing media
  • TeenVogue gave a feature to an outspoken communist
  • The Democratic strategy is to resist anything and everything Republicans put forward in the hopes they get reelected. Immigration/DACA could be solved, but democrats dont want it to stop being a hot button on the campaign trail
  • Democrats are praising John McCain for the virtues they refuse to practice

It’s ironic that under the current elected officials, democrats want to give more power to the government.


Supporters of communism and socialism choose to ignore its oppressive history in favor of the argument that what happened in the past wasn’t real communism.


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” wrote George Orwell in what was to be a profoundly impactful summarization on the effects of communism in his novel, Animal Farm. It was required reading for me in the eighth grade, but it was evidently not required reading for the writers of TeenVogue, who in May, published an article entitled “Who is Karl Marx: Meet the Anti-Capitalist Scholar


What am I trying to prove?

Democrats should not push further left in response to Trump’s win. Standing alone, socialism isn’t a realistic system for the United States.


Points to make:

  • Capitalism is not the bad guy, and has actually pulled more people out of poverty than any other system
  • Socialism funnels into communism, which funnels into dictatorship: the anti democracy. We don’t agree on most things, but one thing the majority of Americans do agree with is the importance of democracy. Supporters of socialism and communism are quick to dismiss the history of their movements (which are heavy with poverty, corruption, and death) as “not real socialism/communism.” History should not be dismissed nor taken lightly, if you call out capitalism for its history in slavery or the colonization of Indigenous people, be sure to include the genocide which occurred under Stalin’s ideology inspired by Marx, or the corruption under democratic socialism in Venezuela.
  • Both ideologies grant more power to the government, an action democrats should be thoughtful about especially under the current administration. If democrats believe more power should be given to elected officials, they should consider that President Trump, the man they love to hate, is their current elected official.