To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Emma Jaber

Awesomeness TV’s newest release, To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before, has taken Netflix viewers by storm. In this new age rom com, the female lead Lara Jean Covey has five top secret love letters she’s never shown anyone. The letters are all to boys she’s had a crush on and they not so accidentally get sent to their subjects. Without giving too much away, Lara Jean gets swept up in a fake relationship with gorgeous heart throb Peter Kavinsky in order to make another recipient of a love letter believe it didn’t mean anything. In their whirl wind fake romance, they draw up a contract to make sure their plan is foolproof and that no one will find out their relationship is fake. Little do they know, their fake plans change and… well, you’ll have to see the movie to find out how it ends.

After the wave of charming 80’s John Hughes films that have stuck around through decades, the newer romantic comedies being released appeal more to youth of today. However, the charms from the old movies have still stuck around. With relevant references  to popular culture, many teens find this film incredibly relatable. Along with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, other romantic comedies on Netflix, such as the Kissing Booth, have set new records for Netflix, drawing in record breaking viewing numbers.

“I watched To all the Boys I’ve loved before first because I saw it across all the social media platforms and I also really enjoyed the Kissing Booth. I really liked the look of it and how it was edited, along with how the actors weren’t very well known but were still really good.” said Sr. Lily Chick.

Not only does their on screen chemistry captivate an audience, but their social media presence and off screen friendship has kept people hooked. Fans are even pushing for a sequel to the film. With today’s access to technology, it’s not just the film keeping viewers interested, it’s the fact that they can follow their favorite stars on many other platforms. In only a few days, Noah Centineo, the actor who plays Peter, gained just over a million instagram followers following the film.

Lana Condor, the actress that plays Lara Jean, is relatively new on the acting scene and is making waves in the community. Unfortunately, it has been commonplace for lead roles in movies of this nature to be white. The importance of this movie far surpasses a teen love story and speaks to the importance of Asian American representation in the world of film. In an interview with Netflix, Condor claimed that her goal was to be in a romantic comedy but followed with “I dont really know of any rom coms that want Asian Americans to star in it. Literally a week later I got the audition for To all the Boys I’ve Loved before… the lead was written as an asian american girl…I never see that! It was so empowering!” said Condor.

So, if you have ninety free minutes, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before comes highly recommended by me and many, many others.